Democrats – led by Barack Obama – claim that Trump’s executive orders to implement extreme vetting are unnecessary and threaten American values.

But many Americans believe the orders will help keep the nation safe.

And a new government report reveals how ineffective Barack Obama was at keeping terrorists out of America.

A new Government Accounting Office report found the Department of Homeland Security stopped 22,000 high-risk individuals from entering America in 2015.

Sounds like good news, right?

While dangerous individuals must always be stopped, the report also stated the government had no idea how effective – or ineffective – Customs and Border Patrol screening methods were at the time, which means terrorists could have slipped through the cracks and were allowed to enter America.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

“More than 8,100 “known or suspected terrorists, or individuals with connections to known or suspected terrorists, attempted to apply for travel to the United States or board U.S.-bound flights” in 2015, according to the report, which chides U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for failing to determine how effective its current screening methods are.

The report, authored by the Government Accountability Office, details potential flaws in CBP’s pre-flight screening methods and recommends the agency make a greater effort to measure the effectiveness of its pre-departure investigative process…

…While CBP has demonstrated an ability to interdict potential terrorists and other high-risk travels, it has failed to determine how effective it has been.

“While CBP’s pre-departure programs have helped identify and interdict high-risk travelers, CBP has not fully evaluated the overall effectiveness of these programs using performance measures and baselines,” the report states.

“CBP tracks some data, such as the number of travelers deemed inadmissible, but has not set baselines to determine if pre-departure programs are achieving goals, consistent with best practices for performance measurement,” according to the report.

“By developing and implementing a system of performance measures and baselines, CBP would be better positioned to assess if the programs are achieving their goals,” according to GAO recommendations.”

Trump defended his temporary pause on travel from seven terrorist-connected nations saying the move was designed to keep bad guys out.

The move is only for 90 days until the government can implement “extreme vetting.”

The GAO report shows Customs and Border Patrol has much work to do in determining whether their programs to keep dangerous individuals out of the United States is working or not.

Trump’s executive orders are designed to fix flaws like this in our screening system.

If Customs and Border Patrol have no idea how many “high-risk” individuals have slipped through their screening process, then Trump’s orders are even more necessary than originally thought.