Democrats across the country were shocked when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

They couldn’t believe Hillary – with the media, Hollywood, every living President, and the establishment opposing Trump – would lose.

This reaction extended to the White House, and Michelle Obama recently revealed how her daughters felt when the day came for Donald and Melania Trump to move in and the Obamas to move out.

Moving can be difficult for families.

That included the Obamas.

Michelle Obama related that their daughters cried when it was their time to move out on January 20th.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“She shared how her daughters left the White House with tears in their eyes as Trump and first lady Melania Trump moved in.

“I didn’t want to have tears in my eyes because people would swear I was crying because of the new president,” she said.”

Their reaction stood in stark contrast to the Democratic base who took to the streets and agitated for violence.

Leftists staged a violent uprising on Inauguration Day.

Hundreds were arrested during violent clashes as leftist smashed windows, threw rocks, and lit cars on fire

Fox News reported:

“Protesters created havoc across Washington on Inauguration Day, shattering glass storefronts and torching cars but never posing a serious security threat to President Trump’s official inaugural ceremonies.

Authorities said 217 people were arrested Friday in the protests and demonstrations, which started before dawn and at one point turned into a full-scale riot.

Most of the damage was inflicted by protesters associated with the group DistruptJ20 that had vowed for weeks to “paralyze” the city.

Black-clad protestors with their faces covered smashed out the windows of a limousine, then set it afire. They also shattered the class-fronts of a Bank of America, McDonald’s and Starbucks, as police officers fired pepper spray to tried to disperse the crowd as it moved from midtown to the Inaugural Parade route on Pennsylvania Avenue.”

The left has only escalated their violent protests since January 20th.

Self proclaimed “anti-fascists” – masked goons dressed all in black – have attacked Trump supporters in rallies at Berkley.

Radical leftists forced the city of Portland to cancel a parade when anti-fascists threatened violent attacks because the local GOP was set to participate.

But there is no so-called “mainstream” media outcry for Democrats to denounce their thuggish base.

They do their best to separate their conduct from the Democrat Party.

But the left is increasingly defined by unhinged behavior and intimidation through rampaging chaos.