House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has presided over repeated electoral disasters.

Overall, Democrats have lost 63 seats in the House of Representatives since 2010.

Now Pelosi has a challenger to her position and a growing revolt within her ranks.

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan has announced he will run for the position of House Minority Leader.

The Midwestern representative claims the Democrat Party has ignored rural America to focus on coastal elites and their pet issues.

Democrats have now become the party of left-wing extremist social causes – like allowing mentally ill men to use the women’s restroom – while ignoring the economic concerns of Middle America.

Elected Democrats have refused to address the pain that Obama’s failed economic policies has inflicted on many Americans, and retreated to their coastal base.

The Washington Post reports on what prompted Congressman Ryan to challenge Pelosi:

“Challenging Nancy Pelosi’s dominance of the House Democratic caucus is exceptionally difficult. But, for her onetime protégé Tim Ryan, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Ryan just won an eighth term, but Trump cleaned up around here. A Republican had not carried Trumbull County, where the congressman lives, since Richard Nixon in 1972. Just four years ago, Barack Obama won it by 23 points. Donald Trump prevailed by seven points.

“That changed my entire world view,” Ryan said of the 30-point swing. “That rocked me. As I saw the blue fire wall collapse, I was like: I need to step up. … I need to be a bigger voice in the party.”

However, Pelosi has fended off challenges before.

In 2010, former failed Washington Redskins quarter back, Congressman Heath Schuler, challenged her for Minority Leader after the Democrat majority was swept from power in the midterm elections.

He lost 150-3.

But with only one bad election at the time, the Democrats were unlikely to ditch Pelosi.

Now the party must reckon with historic losses in 2010, 2014, and 2016.

And –unlike in 2010 – there is a rebellion brewing among rank-and-file Democrats.

The first sign of trouble was when Democrats postponed leadership elections until November 30th.

This was widely seen as a blow to Pelosi’s hopes, as it meant enough Democrats wanted more time to whip up support for a challenge to her leadership.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

“There are a lot of members who feel there needs to be a focus on rural America,” said Rep. Jim Costa, D-Fresno. “And we’ve got a lot of talented members who’ve been there six, 10 years and would like to have an opportunity to contribute more.”

Costa said he received a call from Ryan, the 43-year-old Ohioan. He’s yet to hear from Pelosi, of San Francisco.

“If Nancy wants to have my support, she should call me,” Costa said.”

In what could also be seen as a sign of weakness, Pelosi circulated a “Dear Colleague” letter that included proposed reforms, which many interpret as a move to head off the insurgents in her ranks.

Pelosi proposed:

“Require each committee to create a Vice Chair or Vice Ranking Member Position to be filled by individuals who have been a Member of the committee for four terms or less. I have suggested that those Members participate in the Wednesday Ranking Member meeting.

Upon the next vacancy, make the Assistant to the Leader position an elected position to be filled by a Member who has served fewer than three terms;

Make the Democratic Policy and Communications Chairmanship an elected position reserved for a Member who has served less than five terms. Upon discussion across the Caucus, I propose to expand it to three co-chairs to cover more fully the priorities of Members.

Create five regional Vice Chairs, elected by the Members of their region, to serve at the DCCC and support the work of the Chair.  I was pleased to receive this suggestion, because it was first advanced by DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján. I look forward to hearing from Members on how we divide into the five regions.”

Will this be enough for Pelosi to keep her seat?

Or will the Democrats reject far-left identity politics and remove Nancy Pelosi from leadership?