Mohamed Khairullah is the Syrian-born Mayor of Prospect Park, New Jersey.

He has just made a major announcement.

He is defying one of Donald Trump’s executive orders and selling out the residents of his city.

One of Donald Trump’s executive orders has directed the Department of Homeland Security to explore measures in defunding sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary cities defy the federal government by refusing to enforce federal immigration laws.

Prospect Park now joins the over 300 rogue jurisdictions flouting federal immigration laws and granting safe havens for illegal aliens – even if they are criminals.

The Observer reports:

“Watch for the political stock of Mohamed Khairullah, the Syrian-born Mayor of Prospect Park, to rise in Democratic circles after he signed an executive order on Friday that declared the Passaic County borough of 5,865 a sanctuary for immigrants.

Hailing from Aleppo, which has become synonymous with the worst violence of the long Syrian civil war and has thus created tens of thousands of refugees, Khairullah immigrated to the United States in 1991, was elected Councilman in 2001, and has been the Mayor since 2006.

According to the order, “No department, committee, agency, commission, officer or employee of the Borough of Prospect Park shall use any Borough funds or resources to assist in the enforcement of Federal Immigration Law.”

Khairullah directly refers to his own past in explaining why he signed the order: “It is important to me as a person who came to the U.S as an immigrant, that we uphold our laws and values,”  he said Saturday, according to “The U.S is the land of opportunity and dreams for many people all over the world.”

The heightened profile for Khairullah, a former teacher in the Paterson public schools who worked at Office Depot, represents growing political power for Muslims in New Jersey politics.”

Trump made ending sanctuary cities as one of his signature campaign proposals.

The issue rose to prominence after an illegal immigrant – who had already been deported five times, yet was allowed to remain in San Francisco – murdered Kate Steinle in cold blood.

Congress then introduced “Kate’s Law” which would have defunded sanctuary cities.

But Senate Democrats filibustered the law and prevented it from coming up for a vote.

In the age of Trump, Democrat voters are demanding an unhinged “resistance” from their politicians.

The more outrageous and inflammatory the stance an elected Democrat makes, the more popular they become with their voters.

And Mayor Khairullah’s deeming Prospect Park as a sanctuary city is a prime example of this “resistance”.

As a Muslim and immigrant from Syria, he is playing identity politics to the fullest extreme.

Syria is one of the seven terrorist hot-spots Trump has placed a 90-day pause in travel on until extreme vetting can be put in place.

Trump has also indefinitely halted the Syrian refugee program.

Khairullah arrived as an asylum seeker from Syria in 1991, and his background as a Muslim and immigrant plays to his defiance of Trump’s immigration orders.

He is able to present himself as the symbol of the “inclusive” and “welcoming” message the Democrats are anchored to, due to their obsession with identity politics.

Now Khairullah has added throwing open the doors of his city to illegal immigrants to his autobiography.

Liberals worship identity politics and hate Trump with emotions which cannot be described using words in the English language.

And Khairullah is trying to capitalize on both to boost his political career.