Failed 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney desperately wanted the job of Secretary of State in the Trump administration.

He met with President-elect Trump twice and even made positive public comments.

But in the end, Trump made his decision – and it has pleased many conservatives.

When it was announced Trump was considering Romney, conservatives balked.

They viewed Romney as disloyal and the picture of the same corrupt establishment Trump fought to dethrone during his campaign.

In the primary, Romney led the #NeverTrump movement by launching deeply personal attacks on Trump, calling him a “fraud” and a “con man”.

Even after Trump won the primary, Romney maintained an antagonistic position and constantly sniped at the Republican standard bearer.

Romney hails from the hawkish establishment that Trump campaign against.

He advocated for a bellicose policy toward Russia, and has yet to disavow his support for the failed foreign policy of nation building.

Trump won on an “America First” platform which rejects reckless intervention and nation building.

The President-elect has also dropped hints he would like to reorient America’s relationship with Russia to fight ISIS.

So many conservatives were relieved when Trump bypassed Romney and named ExxonMobil Chairman and CEO, Rex Tillerson, as his nominee for Secretary of State.

Trump announced the nomination in a Tweet:

Romney reacted to the rejection by claiming it was an “honor to be considered.”

Tillerson’s nomination also received support from Robert Gates, who has served in multiple Republican administrations.

Others note that as Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil, Tillerson’s role was the equivalent of being like the head of a small nation state.

His vast business experience and deal making mentality is favored by President-elect Trump.

As someone who comes from outside the foreign policy establishment, he is more likely to be free from the liberal consensus on intervention, making him a stronger advocate for diplomacy and Trump’s “America First” foreign policy.

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