During the campaign, Mitt Romney was a leading #NeverTrump Republican.

He even flirted with endorsing third-party candidates.

So after Trump won, many political observers wondered how the former failed Republican nominee would react to the election results.

The first signs came when Trump tweeted that Romney had called to congratulate him.

Following this tweet, there were reports that Romney was headed to a meeting at Trump Tower.

CNN reports:

President-elect Donald Trump will meet this weekend with one of his fiercest critics: 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney, a discussion that could include the position of Secretary of State.

The two men are set to discuss “governing moving forward” and potentially a role for Romney in Trump’s Cabinet, a senior Republican source told CNN on Thursday.

Romney has long told friends that he would like to serve in government again and the one job he is interested in is Secretary of State, a senior Republican with knowledge of the transition tells CNN. The source says that Romney is meeting with Trump in part to discuss it.

The former Massachusetts governor is being presented as a choice that would show Trump is looking for “adults” because he would bring a team of professionals along with him, the source said, adding that the nomination is being seen as a “serious” possibility.

But could Romney ever serve in a Trump administration?

And would Trump really want Romney as his Secretary of State?

Politico Playbook reports the meeting is more of a “kumbaya” session than any real job interview:

WE HEAR that Donald Trump’s meeting with Mitt Romney this weekend is more of a potential kumbaya moment than a job interview. Top allies of both Romney and Trump do not believe the former Massachusetts governor will be offered a slot in the new GOP administration. They have irreconcilable views on foreign policy, to put it mildly. And Romney, let’s recall, is the guy who said the President-elect’s promises “are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.”

But that may be Romney’s allies getting the word out in the press ahead of the meeting so when Romney isn’t selected, the decision is cast in a light more favorable to the failed 2012 Republican nominee.

Trump and Romney also have significant policy differences.

Romney defends the hawkish policies that defined the Bush administration and trapped our nation in a 15 year war in the Middle East.

Trump ran on repudiating those policies and won.

President-elect Trump also views Russia as an ally against ISIS, whereas Romney advocates for a more adversarial relationship.

The new vision for American foreign policy is much more realistic and restrained than the “spreading democracy across the globe” liberalism that dominated the GOP during the Bush administration.

Romney is likely meeting with President-elect Trump as a symbol of party and national unity.

The campaign is over, so it’s time to come together and help the new administration succeed.

Do you think Trump should ask Romney to serve in his Cabinet?

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