A scheduled speech given by economist Charles Murray at Middlebury College ended violently when a liberal mob shut down the event in a staged a riot and physically assaulted a 57-year-old female professor.

Between this and Cal-Berkeley, liberals are increasingly embracing feral animal like attacks as a tool to silence conservative speech.

In response to the Berkeley riots, President Trump suggested cutting off federal funding from colleges that fail to protect its speakers from political violence.

But until such action is taken, liberals will only continue to escalate their violence.

The incident at Middlebury College began when Murray, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, agreed to appear at a discussion event at the school. A Middlebury professor, Allison Stanger, agreed to moderate.

I agreed to participate in the event with Charles Murray because several of my students asked me to do so,” said Stanger. “I actually welcomed the opportunity to be involved, because while my students may know I am a Democrat, all of my courses are nonpartisan, and this was a chance to demonstrate publicly my commitment to a free and fair exchange of views in my classroom.”

Middlebury’s liberal community did not share her dedication to tolerance.  Hundreds of leftist students swarmed the event, hell-bent on shutting it down.

When Murray began speaking, students began slamming their chairs, stamping their feet like toddlers, shouting profanities and screeching like animals.

When that failed to stop the event, they went on to implement their favorite tool of political discourse – mob violence.

As Murray had to be rushed out of the room for his safety, the feral pack of liberals seized Stanger and physically assaulted her.  The 57-year-old woman had to be hospitalized for a neck injury.

When Murray tried to leave the campus, the rabid mass of leftists hunted him down like a pack of apes.

The protesters then violently set upon the car, rocking it, pounding on it, jumping on and trying to prevent it from leaving campus,” college spokesman Bill Burger told the local Addison County Independent newspaper.

Some of the liberals wore ski-masks so police could not identify them.

This riot comes just weeks after liberals literally set fire to the University of California – Berkeley in order to stop a speech by alt-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos.

This incident, captured on live national television, is what prompted President Donald Trump to propose cutting off federal funds from colleges and universities where students use mob violence to silence speech.

If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?” Trump wrote on Twitter as live footage of liberals chasing down and beating people aired nationally.

So what actions would defunding force colleges to take?

According to The Pew Charitable Trusts, the federal government currently provides roughly $28 billion each year to colleges and universities in the form of research grants.  While cutting off that money would be a significant deterrent to anti-speech policies, most schools could survive without it.

However, Pew also reports those schools take in $50 billion a year through Pell Grants, student loans, and other financial aid to students.

If Congress were to amend federal law by making a school ineligible to receive federal student loan programs for failing to protect students’ rights, it wouldn’t be long before that school would have to shut down.  Because you can’t have a school without students.

But this may be what it takes for colleges and universities to stop incubating a culture of political violence and turning a blind eye to literal ‘brownshirt tactics’ employed by a new generation of liberals.