During their last days in office, the Obama family struggled to leave some sort of reminder that they had resided in the White House for past eight years.

Both Michelle and Barack Obama alike worked hard to build a legacy to be remembered by after leaving the White House.

But now, their legacy is falling apart.

In her eight years as First Lady, Michelle Obama worked on campaigns that involved the state of the nation’s health. However, the results of her work are quickly falling apart.

Most recently, a district in Pennsylvania followed suit and removed Michelle Obama’s once mandated school lunch program from their schools.

And now, their students are happier than ever.

Breitbart News reported:

Penn-Trafford High School is one of more than 500 schools that have dropped out of the NSLP after the Healthy Hunger-Free Act championed by former first lady Michelle Obama imposed strict regulations on nutrition guidelines, EAG News reported.

“You get to choose what you want instead of being sort of funneled in and only having one choice,” junior Chase Zavarella said. “I think everyone is happier with the new selection.”

Michelle Obama’s lunch program had a negative affect on the revenue for school lunches as well.

But as soon as the new system was put into place, school lunch sales almost doubled.

Before, participation in buying school lunches was only about 25%, which affected the ability of the school to provide free or reduced lunches to those in need.

But with the increase in revenue from the new program, the extra funding is going to help all children get a hearty and healthy meal during lunch.

Thanks to President Trump, the students at these schools can now enjoy food they will actually eat – instead of ending up in the garbage as a result of some mandate made by the government.

Breitbart News reports:

“There has also been an effort at the federal level to repeal the school lunch rules.

The House Freedom Caucus has called on the Trump administration to repeal the regulations during Trump’s first 100 days, and the School Nutrition Association has called for more “flexibility” in meal planning in their legislative agenda, the Quad-City Times reported.”

Ultimately, Michelle Obama’s failed lunch program was just another prime example of the Obamas’ time in office.

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