Michelle Obama gave one of her final interviews to Oprah Winfrey.

She made many newsworthy statements about Donald Trump and the election.

But one of them was a massive lie.

In her interview, Michelle Obama tried to paint herself and her husband’s administration as bending over backwards to accommodate Donald Trump during the transition.

She claimed her door is always open.

The Hill reports on her remarks:

“Words matter,” she said. “The words that we say moving forward, all of us, it matters. Which is one of the reasons why [President] Barack [Obama] and I are so supportive of this transition. Because no matter how we felt going into it, it is important for the health of this nation that we support the Commander in Chief.”

Some observers noted she refused to even use Trump’s name in her comments.

Instead, she opted for the generic “Commander-in-Chief.”

But that insult wasn’t the worst of her remarks.

Her statement that they are supportive of the transition is a lie.

Obama has gone out of his way to make the peaceful transition of power as difficult as possible.

He has cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election by embracing conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton being targeted for defeat by Russian hackers.

By doing so, he’s given the stature of his office to Democrats’ claims that Trump is an illegitimate President.

And Obama has also moved to implement rules and regulations to try and hamstring the incoming Trump administration.

Politico reports:

Federal agencies are rushing out a final volley of executive actions in the last two months of Barack Obama’s presidency, despite warnings from Republicans in Congress and the reality that Donald Trump will have the power to erase much of their handiwork after Jan. 20.

Regulations on commodities speculation, air pollution from the oil industry, doctors’ Medicare drug payments and high-skilled immigrant workers are among the rules moving through the pipeline as Obama’s administration grasps at one last chance to cement his legacy. So are regulations tightening states’ oversight of online colleges and protecting funding for Planned Parenthood.

Also moving ahead are negotiations on an investment treaty with China and decisions by the Education Department on whether to offer debt relief to students at defunct for-profit colleges. The Department of Transportation may also go ahead with a ban on cellphone calls on commercial flights and a rule requiring most freight trains have at least two crew members on duty.

Obama has also imposed bans on drilling for oil in parts of the Atlantic and Arctic.

This was a poke in the eye of Trump who has campaigned on creating jobs by unleashing America’s energy sector.

And Obama’s Department of Homeland Security also deleted the regulations on the National Security Entry-Exit program that some argue could have been used by Trump to create a so-called “Muslim registry.”

Contrary to what Michelle Obama claims in her public comments, Obama and his administration have plowed forward with actions that many believe are designed to impede Donald Trump’s ability to act as President to implement his agenda.