We know how Barack Obama reacted on Election Night after it became apparent Donald Trump was going to defeat Hilary Clinton.

But the American people have not yet heard how the First Lady took the news.

Well, she just let the cat out of the bag in a new interview and it’s left everyone talking.

Michelle Obama is famous for supposedly not liking politics.

Despite this put-on, she actively campaigned for both her husband in his races and for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

And even though she threw herself into the election as Hillary Clinton’s most popular surrogate, she did not stay up to watch the election results.

In fact, she went to bed.

People Magazine reports:

“As many Americans waited into the wee hours of election night to find out who would be voted the nation’s next president, First Lady Michelle Obama says she was not among them.

Instead, she was fast asleep in her White House bed.

In a joint interview with President Barack Obama for this week’s PEOPLE cover story, the first lady breaks her silence on President-elect Donald Trump‘s stunning victory, and reveals why she didn’t stay up to see the results.

“I went to bed. I don’t like to watch the political discourse; I never have,” Obama tells PEOPLE, adding of her husband, “I barely did with him.”

While Michelle Obama appears to be – at least in public – taking Trump’s victory in stride, not all Obama loyalists have reacted so calmly.

Top Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett described Trump’s election as a “punch to the stomach” and “soul crushing.”

Mediaite reports on her remarks made during the Politico Women Rule event:

“Obviously we were surprised by the outcome of the election. It kind of was like a, I’m not sure what the right analogy would be, but like a punch in the stomach, let’s say. Soul-crushing might be another description. “But that’s the democracy that we have: the people get to decide and the elections matter and we have to get about the business of doing our jobs.”

That feeling was visually expressed by Jarrett and other White House staffers in a famous photo taken while Barack Obama delivered his first public remarks on the election.

Democrats overall have not handled the election well.

Rioters took the streets in the days following the results.

College students have demanded “safe spaces” from Trump’s victory.

And Barack Obama has indicated he will break the norm of past President’s who, as a show of respect, choose to remain silent on the affairs of their successor.

Some conservatives believe they should just take a page from Michelle Obama’s book and go to bed.