Melania Trump is charting her own course as First Lady.

So far, she has tried to remain a normal mother and wife by staying in New York while their family’s youngest child finishes out the school year.

But she recently stepped into the spotlight and did something Michelle Obama would never do.

At a campaign rally in Florida, Melania kicked off the event by reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

Democrats were furious.

They flooded social media with ugly attacks on Melania Trump and Christianity.

Liberals are in the early stages of Trump derangement syndrome.

No matter what Trump does, liberals light their hair on fire in outrage.

Even something as simple and heartwarming like the First Lady leading supporters in prayer is too much for Trump hating leftists.

But this didn’t surprise many observers.

Democrats famously booed the mention of God at their 2012 convention.

And hostility toward Christians and Christianity burns hot with the left.

Leftists are used to the secular, coastal liberalism of the Obamas.

They could never imagine Michelle Obama doing such a thing.

So when Melania Trump led the crowd in the Lord’s Prayer, their outrage meter kicked up to an 11.