The investigation into Hillary Clinton isn’t over.

That became clear when Donald Trump’s public schedule included a meeting with someone tasked with overseeing her investigation.

And some believe it could get the ball rolling on her indictment.

Jason Chaffetz is Chairman of the House Oversight Committee and is scheduled for an Oval Office meeting with Trump.

The two had previously spoken at the GOP retreat in Philadelphia and Chaffetz said Trump had given him the green light to investigate whatever he wanted.

Real Clear Politics reports on his remarks:

“REP. JASON CHAFFETZ: Here’s what he said. I think it is worth noting. He said: ‘You do a great job… and then he said listen, I get and understand that I am the president, and you have a job to do. You do the oversight, you don’t slow down, you go after everything you want to go after. You look at anything you want to look at. If you sat there and heard what he said to me about pursuing oversight of the government, and the functions to fulfill, you’d be pretty inspired, and it was inspiring to me. He wanted to convey a message of: ‘Don’t slow down, do your job, there’s a lot to get after with the government.’ I think that was a good message.”

Although Chaffetz was alluding that Trump told him not to go easy on a GOP administration, “a lot to get after with the government” could also include another investigation Chaffetz has promised to pursue – the one into Hillary Clinton.

On Inauguration Day, Chaffetz posted a photo to his Instagram account declaring the investigation into Hillary’s conduct and her private email server wasn’t over.

Fox News reports:

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said on Friday the congressional probe would carry on looking into whether Clinton committed any crimes by using a secret server to send and receive emails during her time as Secretary of State.

“So pleased she is not the President. I thanked her for her service and wished her luck. The investigation continues,” Chaffetz wrote on his jasoninthehouse Instagram account. The text accompanied a screenshot of Chaffetz shaking hands with Clinton during Inauguration Day.

Chaffetz also tweeted out the post, and many social media users – of all political stripes – decried the display of partisanship. But Chaffetz has not been shy about his desire to keep investigating Clinton, even after an FBI review found in July that, while she was “extremely careless,” Clinton had not broken the law.

“We can’t simply let this go,” Chaffetz told Fox News in December. “If the president or the president-elect wants to pardon Secretary Hillary Clinton for the good of the nation, that is their option. But I have a duty and an obligation to actually fix the problems that were made with Hillary Clinton.”

Chaffetz has also alleged Hillary Clinton committed perjury in front of Congress.

He wrote a request to the FBI to begin an inquiry as to whether Clinton did perjure herself in front of Congress.

One of the accusations centered on Hillary is that she told Congress she never sent nor received classified intelligence on her private email server.

But it is a lie.

110 emails on 52 chains contained classified markings.

If Chaffetz has a free hand to investigate whatever he wants, then Hillary Clinton could still be in his crosshairs.

Will it finally end with her indictment?

Let us know what you think.