One of the biggest media-generated controversies surrounding Donald Trump has been the quest to unearth his tax returns.

And MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow claimed she was going to be the one to unveil the bombshell information obtained from Donald Trump’s tax returns.

But at the end of the story, the media was forced to admit a massive defeat.

Ahead of her broadcast, Maddow teased her audience about the release of Trump’s tax returns on Twitter.


Democrats and the media salivated in anticipation.

Their desire to finally unearth the one scandal that would bring down Trump was summed up in this one tweet by former Clinton campaign spokesmen, Brian Fallon.


But when Maddow began her broadcast, she started with a 15-minute rant filled with every Trump conspiracy theory known to man.

This led left-wing journalists to realize she actually had no story, and was trying to destroy Trump through innuendo instead.


In the end, Maddow’s “big scoop” was that Trump earned $150 million in income during 2005 and paid out $38 million in taxes.

Which works out to be an effective tax rate of 25%.

Trump had paid a higher tax rate than Mitt Romney, Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama.

In fact, his tax rate was nearly twice the 14% that Sanders paid.

Yet Sanders and other leftists raged during the campaign that Trump was hiding his taxes to show how little he paid –  or that he didn’t pay at all.

Even former Vice President Joe Biden claimed it was unpatriotic to not pay your fair share.

Well, by Biden’s standards, Trump is way more patriotic than Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama.

So by the end of Maddow’s broadcast, CNN’s Van Jones was forced to admit defeat and stated the night was a good one for Donald Trump – summing up the media’s epic fail.