The media keeps trying to stir up a memo that Donald Trump is an authoritarian dictator.

And one leaked memo caused them to believe they finally had Trump nailed.

There was just one big problem.

Associated Press reporter Garance Burke thought she had a bombshell of a story.

She claimed a draft memo by the Department of Homeland Security indicated Donald Trump was going to call up 100,000 National Guardsmen in 11 states to deport illegal immigrants.

The story rocketed around the media.

But it quickly fell apart as it was discovered to be fake news.

There were multiple problems with the story.

The big problem was the memo never mentioned calling up the National Guard, or using them for deportation purposes.

In fact, the memo explicitly forbid the Guard from being used for the purposes of deporting illegal aliens.

The other fake news aspect of this story was the number of “100,000” Guardsmen being used.

The number never appeared in the memo.

Burke appears to have made it up out of thin air.

During the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, National Guard troops were sent to the border to provide assistance on surveillance and other supplementary tasks.

This memo revives that program.

In his latest press conference, Donald Trump stated that leaks can be real, but the news is fake.

This episode featured a real memo that was leaked to a reporter who made up fake news about the intent of the program described in the memo.