Immigration has been a hot-button issue recently, and President Trump has been clear on his intent to crack down on illegal immigration and make the nation safer.

He has been met with resistance from the left at every turn, including officials from major U.S. cities vowing to provide sanctuary protections to any illegal facing deportation.

And now, one person who should have upheld the law above all else has been sentenced for falsifying documents to protect illegals seeking his counsel.

Robert Dekelaita, the so-called “Robin Hood” of illegal immigrants, created false tales of torture and religious persecution for his clients in order to protect them from deportation to their home countries.

Newsmax reported:

Prosecutors say Robert Dekelaita, who called himself “Robin Hood” for refugees, would forge the names of his clients seeking asylum on application papers and fabricate their life stories with horrific anecdotes of kidnappings, bombings, and religious persecution that were all false, drawing inspiration from news stories he collected, CBS Chicago reported.

U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly sentenced Dekelaita to 15 months in prison for conspiracy to commit asylum fraud a year after Dekelaita was convicted, noting that even if he broke the law with noble intentions, he would “have to be willing to pay the price for it.”

Dekelaita is an Assyrian Christian and came to the U.S. as a child with his Iraqi parents who were fleeing the terroristic Baath regime.

But instead of helping his clients to seek legal asylum or residency, he falsified legal documents to prevent them from being deported.

Dekelaita asked his clients to also commit fraud by having them lie on the documentation he filed on their behalf.

Despite his claims that he was just helping his clients in any way he could, he has ultimately created the end result he was so carefully trying to avoid — nearly all of his clients are facing deportation.

According to Newsmax, federal prosecutors say Dekelaita sent his clients a letter after his conviction saying that he

cheated no one and have not told anyone to lie. I have protected my clients as any good attorney should.”

The left is outraged at Dekelaita’s sentence of fifteen months in prison, despite the fact the judge presiding over the case could have given him as much as three and a half years.

There is even a Facebook page demanding Dekelaita’s freedom and supporting the appeal of his guilty verdict and sentence.

However, both the prosecutors and judge described Dekelaita as a master manipulator who preyed upon the desperation of his clients, encouraging them and his staff to break the law.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

In denying Robert Dekelaita’s request for probation, U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly said the decade-long fraud scheme has “a ripple effect” that erodes the public’s trust in the country’s immigration system.

“We’re seeing it right now,” Kennelly said. “When people don’t have faith in a system, it’s much easier … to cut it back or do away with it.”

Still, Kennelly’s sentence was below the approximately 3 1/2 years in prison sought by prosecutors, who argued that Dekelaita was a master manipulator of a process that relies on truthfulness.

Dekelaita did not make a statement in court, and showed no reaction or remorse during the hearing.

Prosecutors also brought charges against two translators employed by Dekelaita for intentionally mistranslating answers given by their clients.

Fortunately, the judge, in this case, saw the manipulation of the system for what it was and sent the clear message that American citizens must be kept safe from immigrants entering the country illegally.

President Trump has been working to end the flow of illegal immigrants since day one of his administration, and the conviction of an attorney who broke his vow to uphold the law is another step in the right direction.