Electoral College voters are facing terrible harassment and death threats to try and force them to vote for someone other than Donald Trump.

The harassment campaign – whom many including Rush Limbaugh believe is being pushed by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats – is designed to deny Trump the Presidency and throw the election to the House of Representatives.

Despite the criminal threats being made against electors, Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice are refusing to investigate.

Much has been in the media of the wave of so-called “hate crimes” against minorities in the wake of Trump’s win.

Despite the fact there is little proof of any such wave – and in fact quite a few of these “crimes” have been proved to be hoaxes, there is little attention being paid to the very real threat electors in states where Trump won have faced.

And the Department of Justice is refusing to investigate threats against the physical safety of Electoral College voters.

The Daily Caller reports:

“The Department of Justice did not want to discuss why the agency refuses to investigate alleged harassment and death threats toward Electoral College voters in states that went for Donald Trump.

“The department will decline to comment,” DOJ deputy press secretary David Jacobs told The Daily Caller in an email Wednesday afternoon.”

But should there be an investigation?

Many argue yes.

The Daily Caller points out those threats against electors are covered under the Voting Rights Act:

“Some have wondered, then, why the Justice Department and the FBI will not investigate the recent claims of threats and harassment of these electors as per violation of Section 11b of the Voting Rights Act (52 U.S.C. §10307).

Attorney J. Christian Adams, who previously worked in the DOJ’s civil rights division, appeared unsurprised by the department’s reaction, telling TheDC in a statement Thursday, “The Justice Department should be investigating the brutal attacks on Trump voters caught on video and the death threats to Trump electors. Federal law protects people who want to vote. The Obama Justice Department unfortunately only protects people who vote the right way.”

According to the law, it is a crime to “intimidate, threaten, or coerce, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, or coerce any person for voting or attempting to vote.”

Under Barack Obama and both of his Attorney Generals – first Eric Holder and now Loretta Lynch – the Department of Justice has turned into a political arm of the Democrat Party.

The clearest example was the unethical conduct Attorney General Lynch displayed during the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

She met with former President Clinton on her government plane at a Phoenix airport just days before FBI Director James Comey announced he would not recommend charges be brought against Secretary Clinton.

Critics also contend that the prosecution of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell was also a partisan witch hunt designed to take down a Republican opponent.

So the Department of Justice ignoring threats against electors fits the pattern.

Not only are they standing down on holding criminals trying to win an election through intimidation accountable, but it also serves the interests of the Democrat Party.

Do you agree?

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