Controversy continues to swirl around Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Over the summer, she met with Bill Clinton aboard her government airplane, leading many critics to believe the fix was in on the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

And now – with just months remaining in her term – she has created another firestorm.

In the final years of the Obama administration, liberals placed so-called “criminal justice reform” at the top of their agenda.

From Barack Obama on down, the left believes our criminal justice system is inherently biased against blacks and other minorities.

So-called “mass incarceration” is now one of the top buzzwords among liberals and misguided conservatives.

Before the election, a bill many conservatives deemed a “get out jail free legislation” was gaining steam in Congress.

Speaker Paul Ryan would often tout his support for criminal justice reform as evidence the GOP could appeal to Democrat leaning voters.

But in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, releasing thousands of dangerous criminals is dead upon arrival.

Trump campaigned on restoring law-and-order and the respect for our police officers.

Buzzfeed reports:

“But now aides to members involved in Congress’ bipartisan criminal justice reform legislation believe that the effort could essentially die with the election of Donald Trump, who ran an outspoken campaign on restoring law and order.

“It’s dead,” said one Senate Republican aide close to the criminal justice reform effort. “It’s not something Trump wants and leadership has no incentive to anger him over it.”

 A senior Democratic aide in the Senate said criminal justice reform is “totally dead,” at least for the lame duck period. “Beyond that I don’t really know.”

 During the election campaign, Trump repeatedly said the country needed to “bring back law and order” to curb inner city violence. He suggested restoring controversial stop-and-frisk policies, but has otherwise yet to articulate the details of any plan.”

 Trump’s law-and-order message resonated with a diverse group of Americans in the wake of violent Black Lives Matter protests and rising homicide rates in major cities across America.

Enter Loretta Lynch.

Liberals have taken to the streets in violent protest to intimidate Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress from implementing their agenda.

Now the Attorney General is applying pressure through the media by imploring Congress to take up the cause of so-called “criminal justice reform”.

Politico reports:

With Trump’s election fanning concerns about hate crimes and a potential rollback in civil rights protections, Lynch argued in a speech Tuesday that Trump’s team should maintain the Justice Department’s focus on combating bail and fine policies that have turned the poor into a source of cash for some communities.

“Bringing justice to those who feel excluded and left behind is one of the great civil rights challenges of our times. And the work to meet that challenge begun under this administration must continue into the next,” Lynch said, never mentioning Trump by name. “Regardless of our political beliefs, we should be able to agree, as Americans, that poverty is not a crime. We should be able to agree, as Americans, that justice is not a commodity to be bought and sold. We should be able to agree, as Americans, that the law should empower the most vulnerable — not oppress them.”

But do we need so-called “criminal justice reform?

Conservative Review reports that, “contrary to popular belief, there are not millions of federal inmates.”

There are only 195,900 inmates housed in federal prisons.

This represents a ten-year low.

And 25% of these inmates are illegal aliens who should have been deported, rather than costing the tax payers money for housing them in federal correctional facilities.

Conservatives hope President-elect Trump will resist the urge to let loose thousands of criminals before their sentences are completed.

And they hope he stands by his message of law-and-order.