Liberal celebrities and washed-out politicians like Hillary Clinton recently came together at an event to celebrate abortion services.

Planned Parenthood just held a gala to celebrate 100 years of them providing “women’s health” services, and as a political stunt in the wake of their federal defunding.

But in those 100 years, the abortifacient organization has carried out over 7 million fetal murders, and over 300,000 a year.

While funding for Planned Parenthood has come from taxpayer dollars in the past, President Trump and his administration are working to end that, and save the lives of unborn children nationwide.

LifeSite News reports:

“Subsidized by over $500 million taxpayers’ dollars each year, Planned Parenthood dismembers or chemically poisons a baby to death every two minutes—killing over seven million innocent children since 1973. Planned Parenthood is ‘Child Abuse, Inc.”

The gala was technically held to celebrate Planned Parenthood’s 100 year mark, but was mostly a political stunt on their part.

LifeSite News reports:

The speakers “had one goal,” according to Gupta: “to drum up support for the organization, both financially and emotionally.”

The “Woman of Honor” at the event was none other than Hillary Clinton, and she had much to say about the GOP healthcare bill threatening defunding of Planned Parenthood.

The Blaze reports:

Hillary Clinton delivered a vociferous speech supporting Planned Parenthood’s 100th anniversary at a gala held in the pro-choice organization’s honor Tuesday night, while taking aim at “unprecedented attacks” against reproductive rights.

“Let’s respect people’s convictions, but never back down from our commitment to defend the ability of every woman to make these deeply personal decisions for herself,” Clinton said.

“Protecting access to the full range of reproductive healthcare: it is a health issue, of course, it is a core economic issue,” Clinton said. “Women in every corner of our country understand that intimately. And anyone who wants to lead should also understand that fundamentally, this is an issue of morality.”

While liberals celebrated Clinton’s commentary, pro-lifers were working to protest it and protect life.

LifeSite News reports:

“Abortion is profoundly anti-woman, and while some will celebrate Secretary Clinton’s achievement award … we instead grieve the fact that approximately one-sixth of our nation is not with us today because of the very work of Planned Parenthood,” said Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life.

Planned Parenthood is “a billion-dollar business and the single largest provider of abortions in the United States – performing over 320,000 abortions annually” and responsible for approximately a third of the 58 million deaths by abortion since 1973,” Mancini said.

Clinton pointed out one pro-life politician who she thought Planned Parenthood should feel threatened by.

The Blaze reports:

Clinton later commented on reports that pro-life activist Teresa Manning is joining the Trump administration, generically referring to Manning as “someone” who “doesn’t believe in birth control.”

Manning was tapped to oversee federal family planning programs within the Department of Health and Human Services. Manning has had deep ties to conservative, Christian, and pro-life organizations, such as the Family Research Council and the National Right to Life. Manning has also called into question the efficacy of female birth control during a 2003 interview.

Ultimately, Planned Parenthood’s statement at their gala was ignored in the wake of losing their federal funding.

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