Left-wing activist Brett Kimberlin is back in the news, this time for paying $9,000 for documents that claimed to show billions of dollars in illegal Chinese payments to Donald Trump.  His attempts to shop the documents to the mainstream media ended in failure when they were exposed as obvious frauds.

But what are real are his arrest documents.  Kimberlin is also known as the Speedway Bomber, having served 13 years of a 51 year sentence for a series of terrorist bombings that ended with one man dead.

How did a convicted left-wing terrorist get tricked into buying fake anti-Trump documents?

Just days after Trump’s inauguration, Kimberlin thought he had the silver bullet that would take down the President.

He held in his hands secret documents showing that while ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, then Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, was meeting with Russian economic officials, the oil giant transferred $1.6 billion in cash to a Chinese mining company, who then funneled the money to the Trump Organization.

Kimberlin agreed to pay $9000 for the 35 pages, which clearly showed Tillerson had bribed Trump to name him Secretary of State.  Kimberlin gave the cash to an associate, who flew to Rome to meet with the Italian businessman who had stumbled upon them. An excited Kimberlin showed the documents to left-leaning news outlets BuzzFeed, Bloomberg, The New York Times and The Washington Post.  There was a news story there, but not the one Kimberlin hoped for.

The documents were obvious forgeries.  They were filled with typographical and spelling errors, and the documents couldn’t even correctly spell the name of the company “ExxonMobil.”  Banks confirmed none of the supposed financial transactions ever happened.

Instead of proving Trump was bribed, they proved Kimberlin is an easily-deceived oaf. The whole scam had blown up in Kimberlin’s face, something the notorious left-wing activist would be familiar with.

That’s because Kimberlin is also convicted terrorist.
While there are no documents showing Trump had been paid off, there are thousands of pages of documents detailing Kimberlin’s role as the “Speedway Bomber.”

Between September 1 and September 6, 1978, Kimberlin planted seven bombs in around the Indianapolis area.

One of the bombs was planted underneath the car of an Indianapolis police officer. The blasts gravely wounded two people, one of whom later committed suicide over the loss of his leg.

Kimberlin was caught later that month after trying to forge military ID.  Prosecutors claimed Kimberlin planted the bombs to tie up local police investigating the shooting death of a local woman, who disapproved of his relationship with her pre-teen daughter.  Police suspected Kimberlin in her death, and her husband identified a friend of Kimberlin as the gunman, but were unable to prove it.

He was convicted in 1981 for the bombings.  During that trial prosecutors found Kimberlin had been using his yellow legal pads to write out plans to kill witnesses and plan more bombings.  Two years later the family of Carl DeLong, the man who committed suicide, won a $1.6 million civil judgment against him.

He served only 13 years before being paroled.  Out of prison, Kimberlin resumed his left-wing political activities, falsely claiming to have sold marijuana to Dan Quayle and harassing numerous conservative activists.  He was returned to prison in 1997 to serve a four-year sentence for not paying damages to the family of the man

Despite his status as a convicted terrorist and suspected murderer, he maintains two liberal political organizations, the “Velvet Revolution” and the “Justice Through Music Project” that take in about a half-million dollars a year.

If history is any guide, being caught with fake documents won’t deter the left from continuing to finance a convicted terrorist and suspected murderer.