Portland stabber was a liberal, not a Trump supporter?

Things are not adding up in the tragic case where three people were stabbed by a guy who was supposedly making racist remarks against two Muslim women on a Portland, Oregon commuter train.

There is supposed to be a video of the incident, but it isn’t being made public.  But the alleged stabber’s Facebook page shows he is, in fact, a Bernie Sanders supporter.

The news media has been in near hysterics this week about a convicted felon who stabbed three people who were defending two young Muslim women on a Portland train.

Reportedly, he made some remarks about a Muslim woman’s head scarf while on public transportation.

Three men then allegedly confronted him to defend the women, at which point he pulled a knife and two of the “rescuers” died from stab wounds to the neck, with one in serious condition.

Jeremy Joseph Christian, who is accused of the stabbings, is a three-time convicted felon who has done time in the Oregon Penitentiary system.

According to the media, he was homeless and jobless.

And by all the media’s rants, he was a Trump supporter.

But he wasn’t.

According to his Facebook posts, he “decided to sit this out.”

He said he didn’t vote in the presidential race (Oregon is one a few states that allows convicted felons to vote).

What is interesting is the one candidate for President he did support was Bernie Sanders.

But the most interesting problem with the current media narrative about this crime is the missing video of the event.

While all the accounts seem to point to the fact that Mr. Christian was rude in public, he is not accused of directing any specific comments to the young women involved.

And there is the question of whether he was acting in self-defense.

If one person is suddenly confronted by three strangers, did he rightly perceive a threat to his person?

These are questions which could be quickly resolved by watching the video, but strangely the actual recordings of the incident were not released to the public.

But this much is known – Jeremy Christian is NOT a Trump supporter.

But I guess the media can’t bring itself to say “Bernie Sanders supporter kills two, following anti-Muslim rant.”  That does not fit into the current narrative.