The temper tantrum heard ’round the world from Hillary Clinton supporters following the election results has, for the most part, died down.

But there are a few die-hards in the liberal mainstream media who still refuse to accept the election results, and continue to report on reasons why the results should be challenged.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell is one such “journalist” who cannot let Hillary’s defeat go unchallenged, continuing to waste airtime begging for some shred of hope that Clinton could still take the White House.

But she was completely humiliated on-air while interviewing former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell – who ironically, himself, is a staunch Democrat and Hillary supporter.

Mitchell was hoping the governor would side with her view that the election results were manipulated and that there was a possibility they could still be brought into question prior to the Electoral College certifying the results in the coming weeks.

But Rendell wouldn’t take the bait.

He let Mitchell know it was highly unlikely there would be any challenge to the election results, and that the country should give President-elect Trump a chance.

Western Journalism reports on Rendell’s response:

“And if there is nothing there, let’s put it to rest fast. Because, look, Mr. Trump deserves the right to build his team and to get the American people looking at what he’s doing unimpeded by any of this.”

Mitchell continued to push for what she wanted to hear, but she would find no ally in Rendell to support her theory of computer hacking and manipulation of votes.

Even when citing Rendell’s home state of Pennsylvania as possibly going to Hillary if there were an electoral challenge, Rendell dismissed the likelihood.

Mitchell cited a New York magazine that reported votes in swing states such as Pennsylvania had been hacked.

However, the author of the article had later published a follow-up report which destroyed the possibility that hacking had skewed the election results.

Western Journalism reports:

Citing a New York magazine report about claims that thousands of votes in the normally Democrat redoubts of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin had likely been “manipulated or hacked” to produce a Donald Trump victory, Mitchell asked Rendell if Democrats could still mount a challenge to Trump’s presidency before the Electoral College meets in mid-December to certify the results of the Nov. 8 vote.

In effect, the vehemently pro-Hillary news anchor begged Rendell to give her some shred of optimism, some glimmer of hope that her candidate might somehow pull out a win.

Unfortunately for Mitchell, one of the sources cited in that New York magazine report published his own article that destroyed the very premise that computer hacking had turned the election.

The Democrat former governor let Mitchell know the Founders provided guidelines for a smooth and rapid transition of power between presidents — and any challenge to the election results should be dismissed for the good of the nation.

It appears that Mitchell will have to accept her disappointment, as she did not find the sympathetic ear she expected in Ed Rendell.

Mitchell and others in the liberal media should move on, keep their temper tantrums off the airwaves, and perhaps, report some real news.