shred-vidPC thugs gleefully shred Constitution on tape after undercover reporter says it hurt his feelings

Vassar College officials have been caught on tape literally putting the United States Constitution through a shredder after an undercover reporter told them the sight of it “triggered” him and made him “hide in my room all day.”

Apparently irony is a major at Vassar.

Campus Reform reports on the sting by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas:

“Last week something kinda happened on campus that kind of really upset me and I ended up having a panic attack,” the reporter tells Vassar College Assistant Director of Equal Opportunity Kelly Grab. “It’s just I’ve been kind of hiding out in my room ever since kind of scared, so, finally somebody told me I should maybe come talk to you about it and see if there’s anything that can happen or anything … They were handing the Constitution out on campus.”

“Oh, CATO Institute,” Grab murmurs while looking the booklet over.

“They were handing it out and as soon as I saw it you know I started to not be able to breathe, hyperventilating,” the reporter elaborated. “My vision went blurry and I just—kind of just lost control.”

After establishing that the reaction was triggered merely by the offering of copies of the Constitution and not by anything the group had said, Grab offers her sympathies to the reporter.

At that point, Grab offers to physically destroy the Constitution as “therapy.”

“Honestly, can we just like destroy—like is there a shredder or something? Like I think it might be really therapeutic,” the reporter offers.

“Cathartic … Yes, I think we have a shredder in the front office there,” Grab replies. “Did you want to do it with me?”

The video then show Grab and the reporter enter another office, where Grab proceeds to shred the entire Constitution, page by page.

“Thank you, that made me feel better,” the reporter says, to which Grab replies, “[g]ood.”

The tapes release comes the same week after an irate liberal mob swarmed a Yale University administrator, began screaming at her, and even burst into hysterical tears.

Her crime?  She suggested students not harass others over Halloween costumes they find offensive.

One student even told her that Yale University is not supposed to be “an intellectual space,” but a  “safe space” where her feelings cannot be hurt.

Has the time come for government to stop subsidizing public colleges and their anti-thought reigns of terror?