Jason Haber, a Manhattanite involved in New York politics, has surrounded himself with seasoned political operatives who will give him access to “a considerable donor and high net worth list.”

But he’s not planning your usual TV ad and billboard campaign.

He’s shipping caskets into Republican districts.

Liberal PACs have been teaming up to fight ObamaCare repeal since the election in November.

But Haber’s PAC is taking a more “in-your-face” approach.

On top of shipping caskets around to imply that people will be dropping dead in the streets if the bloated, money-waster we know as ObamaCare is repealed, his supporters are hosting mock funerals, complete with eulogies.

Other protesters are staging die-ins near Republican offices, holding up tombstone shaped signs with slogans like “GOP took my coverage” on them.

An American University student is even organizing an effort to use REAL HUMAN REMAINS in their protests.

The student has been taking requests from fellow students to send their own ashes or corpses to Republicans like Paul Ryan, as part of the claim that withdrawal of  “universal healthcare” will be the cause of their death.

Their plans have taken on a macabre tone that even many members of their own party find to be disrespectful or repulsive.

Politico reported:

T.J. Rooney, former chair of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, said mock funerals will have the same impact on the right as “the ghouls who carry pictures of aborted fetuses” have on the left.

“To those affected and their loved ones, they live the uncertainty every day and the hyperbole is offensive,” he said.

While many conservatives are concerned the current GOP repeal efforts aren’t enough, Democrats are panicking over even a partial repeal.

On top of the grim theatrics from groups like Haber’s, many PACs are charging ahead full steam with traditional lobbying methods.

Politico reported:

Mainstream Democrats, though, do plan to barrage the airwaves and public events of Republican lawmakers who backed the GOP bill, known as the American Health Care Act. The proposal narrowly cleared the House last week and is headed to the Senate, which is expected to make dramatic changes to the measure.

Save My Care, a pro-Obamacare advocacy group, launched more than $500,000 worth of television ads in five districts of Republican lawmakers who backed the measure. They’re countering supportive ads launched by the American Action Network, meant to shore up Ryan and his allies as energized Democrats attempt to sweep back to power in 2018.

Similarly, a former top health care adviser to President Barack Obama, is preparing to travel to various congressional districts to hold his own series of town halls. They’re meant to highlight GOP lawmakers declining to meet publicly with constituents after voting for the health care bill.

Haber and his ilk, however, know this won’t work.

We can’t win based on the merit of our ideas but rather on the way in which we deliver that message,” according to Haber.

Republicans working to stop the damage being done by ObamaCare are not threatened by these shock tactics either.

Jesse Hunt, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, responded that these tactics were “sad.”

House Republicans fulfilled a promise they made to the American people and Democrats will have to answer for why they stood idly by while Obamacare wreaks havoc on our health care system,” Hunt said.