A newly-released memo from 2016 shows the Obama Justice Department reprimanded the Southern Poverty Law Center for falsely accusing a conservative group of being racist.

The SPLC is the mainstream media’s go-to when they need to accuse conservatives of racism. But the DoJ memo is no surprise to those who know the group’s history.

Who is the SPLC and their founder Morris Dees, and are they even more racist and abusive than the conservatives they target?

The Daily Caller reports:

(The Federation for American Immigration Reform)’s legal arm, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), released a letter Monday dated March 28, 2016 in which Jennifer J. Barnes, disciplinary counsel for the DOJ’s Executive Office for Immigration Review, scolded an SPLC attorney along with those from partner groups.

The Bureau of Immigration Appeals (BIA) has for decades asked IRLI to submit briefs in immigration cases and the SPLC and allies filed a request in 2015 with the BIA demanding its relationship with FAIR and IRLI be terminated. Lawyers for the SPLC and other liberal groups said that FAIR “is a discredited, extremist anti-immigrant organization espousing white supremacist, eugenicist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Catholic views.”

The DOJ’s disciplinary counsel said in her letter that the decisions of the lawyers to “engage in derogatory name-calling exhibited a lack of professionalism.” Barnes added that it “overstepped the bounds of zealous advocacy.”

The language used in this filing pales in comparison to the SPLC’s usual psychotic attacks on conservatives.

The SPLC makes millions of dollars each year off a simple business plan: Pick a conservative group, accuse them of being racist/sexist/homophobic (pick one), and ask donors for money to fight (fill in name of conservative group.)

But the Justice Department isn’t the only ones calling out the SPLC for misrepresentations and lies.

Despite their virulent and frothing attacks on conservatives, there is no bigger critic of the SPLC than the well-meaning liberals who have worked there.

That’s because the SPLC is even more racist and abusive than nearly all of the groups they attack.

Employees report a “toxic” workplace, where top management positions almost always goes to whites, and black employees are racially abused.

Though it is a civil rights organization based entirely on fighting for the rights of blacks, in its first 23 years, the SPLC hired only two black attorneys.

All other jobs went to whites.

The Montgomery Advertiser, in its 1995 expose of the group, reached out to what few black employees founder Morris Dees had hired.

Of the 13 they spoke to, 12 reported being racially harassed and abused by SPLC officials, with several comparing the group to “a plantation.”

But Dees has a good reason for running his group like a plantation.

It’s dedicated solely to making money off guilty white liberals.

Rather than tackle actual racial issues, Dees is obsessed with telling donors the Ku Klux Klan, which has only a few hundred actual members, is a massive threat.

Dees also routinely lists mainstream conservative groups as “hate groups”, then shakes down donors for the cash to fight them.

Dees also makes it a point to largely pick white “victims” when filing court cases, telling staff that defending accused blacks hurts fundraising.

In 1986 his entire legal staff resigned in protest over Dees’ refusing to tackle actual racial issues in favor of fundraising gimmicks.

And as it turns out, even the Obama Justice Department is getting sick of career huckster Dees and his sleazy hate group.