Back in 2014, a 20-year-old Danish student of Kurdish descent suddenly left her comfortable life as a college student and decided to go kill as many Islamic State militants as she possibly could.

She first went to fight for the Kurds; first for the People’s Protection Unit in Syria (the YPG) and then the Peshmerga, the Western-trained and backed army of the Kurdish Regional Government.

Joanna Palani is now 23 years old, and to say that she was successful in wiping out terrorists would be a massive understatement.

This gorgeous and skillfully trained gun-enthusiast claims to have killed approximately 100 militants during battles in Iraq and Syria as a lethal sniper.

On top of killing terrorists, she also freed a group of women and children being held as sex slaves by ISIS and then she trained them to become soldiers and fight back.

ISIS terrorists are so clearly perturbed by a female killing over a hundred of their own that they put a staggering $1 million bounty on her head.

When asked why she decided to drop out of college to pursue this she simply said, “I was willing to give up my life and my freedom to stop ISIS advancing, so that everyone in Europe can be safe.”

Palani also said of her journey:

“ISIS fighters are very easy to kill.  ISIS fighters are very good at sacrificing their own lives, but Assad’s soldiers are very well-trained and they are specialist killing machines.”

But in a bizarre twist, the Danish government treated HER like a hostile terrorist and revoked her passport upon a short 15-day leave.

According to The Guardian:

A 12-month travel ban was imposed on her to prevent her from travelling back to the conflict in September 2015, but in a closed court hearing last week she admitted travelling as far as Doha, Qatar, on 6 June this year and was taken into custody.  She has another hearing on Tuesday.

Her lawyer, Erbil Kaya, noted the irony of seeking to prosecute someone who fought on the same side as Danish troops and other coalition forces while the government seeks to rehabilitate returning Isis fighters.

“It’s a shame. We are the first country in the world to punish a person who has been fighting on the same side as the international coalition.  It’s hypocritical to punish her.

Why don’t we punish the people who fight for ISIS instead of people who are fighting on the same side as Denmark? … I don’t think it makes sense,” Kaya said.

Palani is the first foreign fighter to be jailed under new passport laws and is currently being held in Denmark’s largest prison, VestreFængsel in Copenhagen.

Thankfully her stint in prison was brief, but they still view her as a terrorist, which is absurd and untrue.

On Palani’s involvement and relationship with Special Forces operatives inside Syria, The Guardian explained:

Both the Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga and the Syrian YPJ, the women’s battalion of the YPG that Palani is most associated with, are being supported by international coalition forces, including Danish forces.

The YPG, a dominant partner in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) currently leading the push towards Raqqa are, however, considered a terrorist group by Turkey.  Both the YPG and the YPJ are linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is officially designated as a terrorist organization in Europe and the US.

The YPJ played a central role in the battle for Kobani, and Palani recalled the two weeks she spent there at the very start of the ISIS offensive in 2014 as ‘the longest of my life.’

She described enduring starvation-like conditions as the city was besieged by ISIS fighters and supplies were cut, and said she lost “many friends” before being sent away from the front due to injury.

Speaking on her way to her detention she said she would try to plead her case on behalf of those who died fighting ISIS. “The YPJ are not terrorists – we are fighting terrorists. To say we are not part of the coalition fighting against Isis is an insult to every YPJ woman who died in Kobani doing exactly that.”

Joanna Palani gave up her own comfortable life and fought bravely to destroy the worst terrorist organization in the world and this is how she’s treated?  No, she needs to be protected.

This is shameful, and the entire civil world owes Palani a debt of gratitude because she’s earned it.