Illegal immigrants’ actions are under a microscope now because of Donald Trump’s plans to deport those who have criminal records.

While Democrats push back and point to the “dreamers” as being shining examples of  the illegal immigrants who are productive members of society, President Trump points to the examples of American families who have been devastated because their loved ones were murdered by violent aliens.

The number of illegal immigrant crimes is rising, so it shouldn’t surprise you to find out there is a new case involving yet another illegal immigrant who committed a heinous crime in Massachusetts.

According to The Boston Globe:

“A man is being held without bail Monday over allegations that he killed a 49-year-old Worcester woman who worked in that city’s public school system.

The body of Sandra Hehir was found in her Congress Street apartment Feb. 5, and authorities later said she had been strangled.

Jose Melendez, 54, of Worcester, is charged with her murder, and the Worcester district attorney’s office said DNA recovered from the crime scene had connected him to the case.

Melendez, who also uses the names Alvarado and Segura, had been arrested last week on a warrant out of Lynn.

He had defaulted on probation in a 2014 breaking and entering case, prosecutors said.  He also faces charges in two Worcester drug cases for allegedly giving police a false name.”

Sandra was a pillar of the community.

She was affectionately nicknamed “Buffy” by her peers and was very beloved by her colleagues and students.

Before they discovered the identity of the killer, the Telegram & Gazette staff reported on her value to the community.

The articles revealed the following:

“The woman police found strangled Sunday morning in a Congress Street apartment was a city educator beloved by friends and students.

‘All her life she was a very kind person,’ Superintendent Maureen F. Binienda said Thursday of Sandra L. “Buffy” Hehir, a middle school instructional assistant.  ‘I really hope that people join together and try to find who did this.’

‘She was just a wonderful person,” said John Bradley, Ms. Hehir’s former brother-in-law and close friend.  ‘Very friendly, sociable, very healthy – very into running and taking care of herself.’

Ms. Binienda said she taught a young Ms. Hehir at South High Community School. 

Ms. Hehir, a popular athlete, graduated from South High in 1985, the superintendent said.

‘Great athlete, very smart – had a lot of friends,’ Ms. Binienda recalled.  ‘Lots of friends – everybody knew Buffy.’

Longtime friend Carrie Gladden described Ms. Hehir as the kind of person people wanted to be around.

‘If you ever needed a good laugh, she was the one that would give it to you,’ said Ms. Gladden.  ‘She really would give you the shirt off her back.’

‘She loved kids.  She wanted to make an impact on all the kids she taught, and she did,’ Ms. Gladden said.

Luisito Portillo Reyes, who said Ms. Hehir was an aide in his freshman algebra class, called Ms. Hehir a ‘great friend’ in a remembrance posted to Facebook.

Another former student, who could not be reached online Friday, wrote on Facebook that Ms. Hehir helped her to graduate.

‘My heart breaks,’ the student wrote.  ‘Everyone loved her so much I can’t believe (anyone) would (want to) harm such a good woman.’”

When is enough going to be enough?

What is it going to take for Democrats to wake up?

How many more Americans need to die before we all come together and make this a bipartisan issue?