Hillary Clinton had a bad week, and then it got worse because of her top aide Huma Abedin and Abedin’s estranged husband, Congressman Anthony Weiner.

And the mainstream media was an abomination to upstanding journalism when the news broke about FBI director James Comey’s letter to the Justice Department that he was reopening Hillary’s emails scandal.

In the wake of an investigation into yet another sex scandal involving Congressman Anthony Weiner, the FBI seized his personal computer which revealed newfound emails involving Hillary’s deleted emails.

Newspapers clamored at the substance of the letter that was found.

The liberal media was quick to incorrectly state it was only just a few emails Hillary Clinton was cc’ed on.

Others claimed that 14,000 emails were discovered.  How about we learn the facts before we report?

But now we learn that Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, also used his computer for email use – her Yahoo account [email protected]

According to sources, Abedin forwarded highly sensitive material to her Yahoo account, which puts her in the same class of criminality as the Democratic nominee for President.

Now that a warrant has been attained, it’s only a matter of time before we discover the massive amount of highly senstitive information forwarded to her private account.

More importantly, an account literally anyone could look up if they had possession of Weiner’s laptop.

What if Weiner accidentally left his laptop somewhere?  Anybody with an I.Q. could look at Huma’s emails.

Calling it careless or reckless – the reason the FBI gave for not pursuing prosecution against Clinton – is a gross understatement.

Now we find out the FBI has the legal authority to force Yahoo to disclose whether IP addresses belonging to third parties, including foreign, had access to their computer.

But Yahoo is refusing to cooperate.

According to WND:

“In August, WND realized that anyone with Abedin’s Yahoo email account username and password could have accessed [email protected] to read in real time – and in a non-redacted form – all State Department emails, including those with classified information that Abedin forwarded to herself.

 As WND reported Sept. 6, several of the emails Abedin forwarded to her account at [email protected] were found to contain such highly sensitive material that the State Department redacted 100 percent of the content pages, marking many pages with a bold stamp reading “PAGE DENIED.”

 Given Yahoo’s privacy policy, security experts and attorneys for WND could find no way to force Yahoo to reveal information about [email protected] unless the inquiry were undertaken by a duly constituted law-enforcement agency with the ability to obtain a court-ordered subpoena.

 By taking it offline, Abedin could have given the user name and password to a third party, including a foreign third party, without State Department IT administrators, or the IT administrators of the Clinton’s private server, realizing it.

 To determine if others were accessing her [email protected] because Abedin had given them username and password access, or because the outside users had obtained username and password access via other means, including hacking, the fact and frequency of outside IP access to [email protected] could only be determined with certainty if Yahoo could be forced to turn over that information.

 The Washington Times reported in August 2015 that the State Department had admitted to a federal judge that Abedin and Mills used personal email accounts to conduct government business in addition to Clinton’s private clintonemail.com to transact State Department business.

 In September and October, WND made repeated attempts, contacting attorneys and security experts, to see if there was a way to get Yahoo.com to disclose all IP addresses that may have accessed [email protected], suspecting both that Abedin may have downloaded her [email protected] on a device owned by or shared with her husband, or possibly via an IP address located in a foreign country.

 If the FBI obtains information from Yahoo.com that unauthorized IP addresses, possibly some of which might be foreign IP addresses, then the national security crimes under investigation might reach to espionage and/or treason charges, depending in large part on whether or not Abedin and/or others released username and password access consensually, in order to allow unauthorized IP reader access to State Department emails in real-time and a non-redacted format.”

It appears Yahoo is doing their best to withhold these IP addresses because they’re backing Hillary Clinton for President.

Yet against his will be another gross miscarriage of justice unless they actually do the right thing and see.