Hillary Clinton is back.

The two-time failed Presidential candidate sat for softball interview on CNN.

And in what was a strange interview, she revealed her future plans.

Clinton – of course – discussed the 2016 election.

That was supposed to be her coronation.

She hung around the national scene for nearly 30 years and traded off her position as First Lady and Secretary of State – despite accomplishing nothing in either role – to position herself as the next “inevitable” Presidential candidate.

But it didn’t work out like that.

Donald Trump successfully mobilized millions of Americans fed up with globalization and engineered one of the most stunning victories in U.S. history.

But in Hillary Clinton’s alternative-facts world, she doesn’t see things that way.

Sinister outside forces conspired against her.

In her interview, she blamed sexism for her defeat.

But pundits argue that Hillary being a woman in an already identity-politics focused party cleared the field of any credible challengers, allowing a weak candidate like her to limp to the nomination.

Hillary then returned to her greatest hits routine and claimed she was on her way to victory until FBI Director Jim Comey informed Congress the FBI was reopening the investigation into her private server.

She also claimed – without offering evidence – that Russia and WikiLeaks cost her the election.

Of course Hillary never would have been under FBI investigation had she followed the law in the first place.

Instead, she set up a secret private email server to evade government record keeping requirements.

And despite everything said about WikiLeaks – and there is no evidence they coordinated with Russia – the only thing they did was better inform the electorate.

Everything they published was true, and Americans got a clear view in the corrupt relationship between the Clinton campaign and the media.

Voters learned that the Democrat National Chairwoman had passed upcoming debate questions to the Clinton campaign.

They also saw how so-called “mainstream” media journalists ran their stories by Clinton campaign officials for their approval before publishing.

But finally, Clinton revealed her future plans during the interview.

She is now part of the “resistance.”

Millions of Americans, however, wish she would just announce her future plans of going away.