Democrats settled on the Electoral College as their hill to die on.

Leftists bombarded the electors with death threats, harassing emails, and phone calls in order to force them to switch their vote from Donald Trump.

But when all the votes were counted, the results shocked everyone.

Some Democrats had hoped that at least 37 Republican electors would not vote for Donald Trump and the election would be thrown to the House of Representatives, where a compromise Republican candidate such as Mitt Romney or John Kasich would be awarded the Presidency.

Minor Hollywood celebrities made videos pleading with the electors to stop Trump by flipping their votes.

The uglier side of the campaign was revealed when some Republican electors detailed the death threats they were receiving.

But when the electors met, there was a stunning result.

It was Hillary Clinton who suffered more defections than Trump.

Only two “faithless” electors on the Republican side flipped from the GOP nominee.

But eight electors refused to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Politico reported:

“Eight Democratic electors attempted to vote against Clinton — four in Washington state and one each in Minnesota, Maine, Hawaii and Colorado. But three of the eight who attempted to buck Clinton were replaced by state election officials, raising questions about whether their “faithless” votes will be counted. In Colorado, a leader of the anti-Trump Democratic electors, Micheal Baca, was replaced by Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams for his attempted faithless vote. A Minnesota elector was replaced as well and in Maine, elector David Bright initially cast a vote for Bernie Sanders but recast it for Clinton after he was deemed out of order.

The most tumult occurred in Washington state, where four Democrats broke ranks and rejected Clinton. Three voted for Colin Powell, marking the first electoral votes for an African-American Republican, and the first time in history a major party elector crossed the aisle and supported a candidate of the opposing major party. The fourth elector, Robert Satiacum, cast his ballot for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American environmental activist.”

The scheme to harass electors into switching their votes – the so-called “Hamilton Electors” – was never denounced by the Clinton campaign.

And their silence led many to believe they were operating with their implicit approval.

But the scheme backfired.

It was Hillary who suffered the most defections.

To add to Hillary’s humiliation, she lost more electors than any candidate in both the 21st and 20th century.