Hillary Clinton’s campaign team is pushing to subvert the will of the people by stealing the election at the Electoral College vote.

Campaign Chairman John Podesta is insisting the electors receive an intelligence briefing on all Russian hacking related activities to try and influence their vote.

Now one election official is claiming the Clintons could be encouraging electors to commit a crime.

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams is warning that rogue electors could be committing perjury.

Politico reports:

“Colorado’s election chief is warning that presidential electors who vote for someone other than Hillary Clinton — the state’s popular vote winner — could face a perjury charge.

The warning from Secretary of State Wayne Williams, a Republican, increases the peril for a group of Colorado’s Democratic presidential electors who have signaled they may reject Clinton as part of a long-shot national strategy to block the election of Donald Trump. They were already facing the prospect of an election law violation that carries the potential for a small fine and a year of jail time.

Williams told POLITICO in a phone interview that he intends to administer an oath to electors prior to Monday’s official meeting of the Electoral College. Any electors who decide to oppose Clinton won’t just be violating the election law that requires them to support Colorado’s popular vote winner – they’ll be violating their oath as well.

“If Elector A writes down Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz or anyone other than Hillary Clinton, they immediately cease to be an elector and they’re replaced,” he said. “The difference here is you have perjured yourself.”

“If you swear the oath and then immediately violate it,” he continued, “I think there’s a basis for a more severe criminal penalty.”

These faithless electors are part of the Hamilton Electors – a George Soros funded group – who are trying to stage a coup at the Electoral College in order to deny the Presidency to Donald Trump.

Their goal is to convince enough Republican electors to unite behind an establishment Republican alternative and throw the election to the House of Representatives.

Harvard Law Professor Larry Lessig claims up to 20 Republican electors will defect.

Townhall reports:

Lessig is heading “Electors Trust,” an anti-Trump group that is focused on flipping enough presidential electors to deny Donald Trump the presidency. The group is going so far as to offer pro bono legal advice to Republican electors mulling whether to ditch Trump. Lessig is saying that 20 Republican electors are considering not voting for the president-elect.\

“Obviously, whether an elector ultimately votes his or her conscience will depend in part upon whether there are enough doing the same. We now believe there are more than half the number needed to change the result seriously considering making that vote,” he stated.

However, the Republican National Committee is monitoring the whip count and they claim only one Republican elector will defect.

There is no question the Democrats – led by the Clinton campaign and the Obama White House – are actively pushing conspiracy theories to tamper with the Electoral College vote.

If they can’t steal the election outright, then their goal is to delegitimize Trump’s victory which they believe would set up President-elect Trump for defeat in 2020.

Do you think the left’s Electoral College coup will succeed?

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