President Barack Obama thinks Hillary Clinton lost the election not because of her scandals or inability to lead due to her health, but because she hates rural America.

Donald Trump’s campaign platform was focused on rebuilding America’s political system and establishing a form of government that would help the “Forgotten Man” of America.

That term was derived from Franklin Roosevelt’s campaign, as he too fought for blue-collar America during the Great Depression.

During an interview with NPR, Obama cited that he thought Clinton lost the election because she did not visit rural America to campaign.

Key states such as Wisconsin and Iowa were lost by the Democratic Party because of this.

The Daily Caller reported:

“Democratic voters are clustered in urban areas and on the coasts so you’ve got a situation where they’re not only entire states but also big chunks of states where — if we’re not showing up — if we’re not in there making an argument, then we’re going to lose,” Obama said. “We can lose badly, and that’s what happened in this election.”

Obama said there is a “scrambled political landscape right now.”

Obama also claims the Democratic Party gave up on campaigning too quickly after they assumed they had won major states.

The Daily Caller reported:

Obama — who campaigned for Clinton in North Carolina, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania — said Democrats “ceded too much territory.”

President Obama also blames Clinton’s lack of connection to Middle America and the middle-class, as many of her followers were elitist and celebrity endorsers.

The Daily Caller reported:

“There are clearly failures on our part to give people in rural areas or in exurban areas a sense day-to-day that we’re fighting for them or connected to them,” he continued.

“Part of the reason it’s important to show up is because it then builds trust and it gives you a better sense of how should you talk about issues in a way that feel salient and feel meaningful to people.”

Even President Obama referred to Trump’s plan to change the infrastructure of the political and economic landscape.

Obama cited Clinton’s biggest failure was not her suspicious or condemning activities, but her lack of empathy for the entire country rather than just her elitist followers.

The Daily Caller reported:

“More work would have needed to be done to just build up that structure,” he said. “One of the big suggestions that I have for Democrats as I leave, and something that I have some ideas about is, how do we do more of that ground-up building?”

Overall, Barack Obama is simply offering excuses as to why the Democrat Party no longer has a hold on the government.

Between a majority in Congress as well as the Presidency, the Republican Party has their opportunity to truly make America great again.

Corrupt politicians like Hillary Clinton have no influence on Middle America due to their lack of support.

While Obama may have realized the loss after it was too late, Clinton may never realize the inadequacy of her campaign plan.

What are your thoughts?

Do you agree with Obama’s excuse as to why Clinton lost?

Or, do you think it was more than just her lack of support for rural America?

Do you believe her scandals and corruption played a bigger role in her loss rather than just a poor campaign plan?

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