Donors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign know they have wasted over one billion dollars due to her failure.

Clinton ran a campaign that blew through billions with no successful outcome.

Her donors are reportedly very unhappy with the wasting of campaign funds.

The Daily Caller reported:

Clinton donors reportedly feel like they wasted their money in supporting a second failed Hillary Clinton campaign, as reported by The Hill.

In comparison, donors could have fed over 6 million hungry children globally with the money they used to support Clinton.

Clinton’s campaign saw a new record as her campaign costs came to a whopping $1.2 billion.

A study was made to see just how many hungry children could have been taken care of with that amount of money.

The Daily Caller reported:

The New York Post reported Friday that Hillary Clinton and her supporters spent a record $1.2 billion in their unsuccessful efforts to get Hillary into the White House. That’s enough to feed roughly 6.5 million hungry children for a year, according to figures from the World Food Programme.

The predictions yielded some surprising results.

The Daily Caller reported:

It takes just 50 cents to feed one child for a day, according to WFP’s website, making the cost of feeding a hungry child for a year $182.50.

At that rate, Clinton supporters could have used the money they wasted on her campaign to feed 6,575,342 hungry children for a year.

 Ironically, Clinton’s campaign platform claimed in part that child hunger was a real problem Clinton would have tackled if she were successful.

Her website even yields a quote about child hunger and poverty, which is meant to evoke sympathy for her cause, as the millionaire blew through her billions of donations and failed to accomplish her campaign goals.

The Daily Caller reported:

The Clinton campaign website still displays a quote from Hillary that reads, “With all of our country’s resources, no child should ever have to grow up in poverty. Yet every single night, all across America, kids go to sleep hungry or without a place to call home. We have to do better.”

In comparison, her opponent Donald Trump ran a much more cost effective campaign, gaining a bill of just over $600 million, roughly half of what Clinton spent.

Clinton’s second loss in a presidential race has yielded a high bill, one which Hillary didn’t expect to have wasted.

Since her donors were reportedly extremely unhappy with her loss and their waste of money, it is unlikely the woman has a high chance of running a successful, financially-backed campaign in the future.

Fortunately, her political tyranny seems to be at an end.

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