The liberal media has been happy to report on any and all Democratic opposition to President Trump and the outcries of criticism for the President’s every action.

And in the President’s home state of New York – also Hillary Clinton’s former stomping grounds – liberal ideology runs rampant, and one Democratic leader has made it his mission to oppose the President on every front – even vowing to disregard the law in his quest to “protect the rights” of his social justice warrior constituents.

But is this quest really a mission to protect the citizens of New York – or a strategic plan to manipulate the middle class in preparation for a 2020 presidential bid?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been fanning the flames of the anti-Trump fervor, but it appears the reasons are not because he cares about his constituents, but because he is building a battle plan to take on Trump in the next general election.

The New York Times reports:

As the governor of a state with a large immigrant population, and as the top-ranking Democrat in the Republican president’s home state, Mr. Cuomo has the prerequisites to be an outsize Trump opponent. And through his statements and gestures, it is clear that Mr. Cuomo intends to try to capitalize on the torrent of anti-Trump fervor and to try to be at the forefront of Trump opposition in New York.

And Breitbart reported on efforts by Cuomo in several states to fundraise and lay the political groundwork for a possible run in 2020:

“Hiring out-of-state fundraising staff, particularly in a battleground state, opens up money spigots beyond what would normally be available and is a key first step to laying the groundwork for a run,” a Democratic operative told the Post.

Cuomo is planning several fundraisers next month to add to the $22 million he already has. One of those events includes “a dinner at the St. Regis where tickets cost $15,000 per person,” and “sources say a South Florida event is also in the works.”

Governor Cuomo has defied President Trump at every turn, from his intent to keep New York a “Sanctuary City” for illegal immigrants, to his defiance of the President’s reversal of Obama’s transgender bathroom decree, Cuomo is not protecting the rights of his liberal constituents, but his own interests.

And in his mission to fight every executive order, he is manipulating middle-class Americans into believing he is their staunchest ally – while putting them in danger with his support of liberal policies.

Salon reports:

“The misguided actions taken by the federal government runs contrary to the New York promise of individual freedoms,” Cuomo said in a statement Thursday [in response to President Trump’s temporary ban on travel from possible terrorist hotbeds].

But some wonder just how sincere Cuomo really is, questioning whether his middle-class outreach formula that he defiantly posed as an alternative to Donald Trump is nothing more than the groundwork for a presidential run.

And they question where this formula — combining progressive social programs and big spending on airports, train stations, and water infrastructure — was during Cuomo’s previous six years as governor.

“He hasn’t done anything for me,” said Adam Kelley, an unemployed carpenter who was walking through downtown Syracuse as Cuomo delivered a speech nearby.

Following Donald Trump’s election as President, many leaders called for unity in the nation, whether they agreed with Trump’s policies or not.

But Governor Cuomo has made it clear he will publicly oppose any attempt by the President to bring safety and security to the American people.