Germany is about to make a major move to ensure the safety of its citizens.

In the past year alone, terrorist attacks in the Western world have increased exponentially, including in Germany.

Now, a landmark court case has ruled to get rid of a major threat.

Germany decided to deport two known terrorists in the court case recently.

The duo were arrested due to suspicions they were planning a major terrorist attack.

Weapons and an ISIS flag were found in their homes.

The Daily Caller reported:

The duo — a 27-year-old Algerian and a 22-year-old Nigerian — were arrested in February in connection to a “potentially imminent terror attack.” Police found a gun and an Islamic State flag in their homes, but the men were never charged with any crimes.

Prosecutors dropped the case due to a lack of evidence suggesting the men planned an attack. A federal court in Lower Saxony still moved ahead with a deportation order despite a legal bid to overturn it. The suspects will now be deported to their parents’ home countries. They are indefinitely barred from returning to Germany.

While they were not officially charged, they are both being deported in order to ensure the safety of German citizens in their immediate vicinity.

Other countries in the Western world are following suit with Germany’s no-tolerance policy.

The most well-known example would be that of President Trump’s temporary pause in immigration to re-evaluate the vetting of immigrants.

Australia is also cracking down on known terrorists and terrorist activity.

The Daily Caller reported:

Australia recently stripped the citizenship of an Islamic State fighter who left the country for Syria. Australian legislation allows the government to revoke passports of dual citizens who are suspected or convicted of engaging in militant acts.

And the Netherlands also established similar legislation back in 2009.

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