Franklin Graham has always been known to stand up for Christian values whenever they are under assault.

He speaks up even when it’s not the most popular thing to do.

But his latest comments about a controversial subject could land him in deep trouble.

Many sports fans are troubled by the left-wing politics creeping into the games they love.

This year, the NFL was ground zero for left-wing activism.

The league embraced Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American, anti-police protests and watched their ratings fall.

Super Bowl ads were turned into left-wing propaganda featuring anti-Trump attacks and support for illegal immigration and open borders.

And now the NFL has filmed a new controversial ad for the Pro Bowl featuring homosexuals kissing.

Graham was outraged and spoke up for the millions of Americans who feel the NFL is disrespecting their Christian values by promoting a radical homosexual agenda.

In a Facebook post, Graham wrote:

“Football season is over and the Super Bowl is behind us. But the NFL is trying to push homosexuality through a new pro same-sex ad. In this ad they show two men kissing each other and two women kissing each other on the “kiss cam.” They’re trying to define sin as love and make it acceptable.

This generation is being bombarded with an upside-down version of truth and love. Don’t fall for it. We have to love people enough to tell them the truth about sin and warn them of its consequences as defined by God, not man. Go to the NFL’s Facebook page and tell them how disappointed you are that they are promoting this agenda.

The Bible tells us, “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins” (1 John 4:10).”

CNS News reported about the ad:

“The ad, “Fans of Love/Love Has No Labels,” relies on the kiss cam at the Jan. 29 Pro Bowl to show various couples kissing each other or hugging, including two homosexual men and two lesbian women. The ad also posts screen graphics informing people that “love has no gender,” among other slogans.”

The controversial ad continues a trend many sports fans find disturbing.

Left-wing politics is inching more and more into every aspect of Americans lives.

Now the NFL is being used as a platform to promote the far-left, social agendas which include same-sex relationships.

There has been much debate over the past few years about the intersection of sports and politics.

Some view sports as an escape from the daily political turf wars.

But the left seems to view sports as just another front to impose their value system on America.

This has included debates over the Washington Redskins team name, the NBA pulling the All Star game from Charlotte, N.C. over a state law that prevented mentally ill men from lurking in the women’s bathroom, and the media’s relentless attacks on Tom Brady for his friendship with Donald Trump.

In all cases, the left-wing side of the spectrum has been promoted to speak out and become active in the political debates involving sports.

Meanwhile, the conservative side of the debate is stifled and smeared with labels of “bigotry.”

But Franklin Graham doesn’t care about attacks from the increasingly left-wing sports media.

He will speak about what he knows to be right, no matter what the consequences may be.