France just elected their new president, Emmanuel Macron – a young liberal who thinks he can apparently tell other countries what to do.

Emmanuel Macron is currently trying to push a certain issue to bring about global awareness – claiming he can “protect” a certain policy from being rescinded by President Trump.

But President Trump has not shown he is one to take orders from others – especially hot-headed liberals who want their policies put first.

French President-elect Macron told President Trump he would “protect” the Paris Agreement no matter what, and push the issue globally.

When initially elected, Macron spoke with Trump about wanting to fight important issues together, such as anti-terrorist tactics and strengthening the international economy.

But now Macron seems to be waging a one-person war against President Trump and his policies refuting climate change, and Macron wants the whole world to back him up.

In particular, Macron is turning to support from the European Union.

The Daily Caller reported:

Pro-Paris Trump officials have been bolstered by multinational corporations and European leaders who’ve been lobbying the administration to stay in the agreement that was hashed out in Paris, France in 2015.

European leaders said they would stay in the Paris agreement even if the U.S. pulled out, but the loss of the world’s largest economy and second-largest greenhouse gas emitter would be a huge blow.

So far, Macron has only gained the international support of Chinese president Xi Jinping.

BBC News reported:

Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed to protect the landmark Paris agreement, which aims to curb climate change and fossil fuel emissions.

He made the promise in a phone call with incoming French President Emmanuel Macron, the Chinese foreign ministry said in a statement.

US President Donald Trump is still deciding whether to withdraw from the accord – an election campaign promise.

Climate experts worry such a move would throw the agreement into chaos.

President Trump is set to decide on whether to pull out of the Paris Agreement imminently.

But one thing is certain – Trump will hold American welfare as his priority, and not be bullied by foreign leaders.

Do you think Macron will be successful in trying to convince other countries to stand against the United States when they rescind the Paris Agreement?

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