France has been a victim of extreme terrorism in the past year.

While the country is not a lone victim in the war against terrorism, France is taking action to protect its citizens from foreign threats.

France recently initiated a new procedure that will ensure the safety of its citizens, and the results are sure to speak for themselves.

France has begun to take the steps in shutting down a migrant camp which has had issues with violent attacks and arson attempts.

Breitbart News reports:

Days after clashes in which migrants and guards were shot and stabbed, France announced that the rapidly growing camp near the port of Dunkirk must be dismantled “as soon as possible”.
Speaking of security concerns and “unacceptable” behavior by migrants living at the ‘Grande-Synthe’ camp, Bruno Le Roux said France “cannot let things go on like this”.

Speaking at a Senate committee, the minister also made mention of “unacceptable” behavior by migrants who prevent other residents at the camp from using its facilities such as showers, demanding “ransoms” and money for their use.

The migrant camp was also overpopulated and unmanageable, according to a local French source.

ABC News reported:

She says “with 1,500 people, it is impossible to manage” the camp properly.

Breitbart News reports:

Mr. Le Roux also highlighted rising violence at the site, which has seen regular clashes in recent weeks, including on Friday when two people were shot and two stabbed

The camp’s population has more than doubled since the destruction of the ‘jungle’ camp at Calais in October and is now thought to be holding around 1,500 migrants who are hoping to break into Britain.

The most infamous of French terrorist attacks occurred last November in Paris, as a series of bombings and shootings took countless lives.

ISIS claimed the attacks and the group continues to be a threat to modern-day citizens of countries who are naively opening their borders to migrants from ISIS-involved countries.

But France is now making changes in their open-border policies to better protect their own citizens.

Breitbart News reports:

In February, the head of Britain’s Immigration Services union told the BBC that huge holes in Britain’s border controls act as an incentive to people traffickers because the majority of migrants are allowed to stay if they “get on the back of a lorry and get to the UK”.

Lucy Moreton also revealed lack of resources means that migrants found to have entered the country illegally are often told to make their own way to a processing centre more than 50 miles away and that authorities “have no way of knowing” who newcomers really are.

Refugee-control issues are some of the most pressing matters in national security for the Western world, and countries like the United States and France are taking the initiative to protect its people first.

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