Partisans in the media are continuing their war on Fox News.

They hate that a media organization is breaking through their left-wing press narrative.

And their jihad against Fox News just claimed another victim.

Bo Dietl is a former cop and Fox News contributor, and current private investigator and candidate for Mayor of New York City.

Dietl was shunned by local Republicans who refused to let him run on their party primary ballot, so he must run as an independent.

Their rejection of Dietl came on the heels of him admitting to conducting private investigative work for Fox News.

He was accused of being Roger Ailes henchmen for the investigation into two of the women who had accused Ailes of sexual harassment.

But Dietl was not hired by Ailes, the network hired his firm.

Politico reports:

“The most immediate political consequences are those facing New York mayoral hopeful Richard “Bo” Dietl, a private investigator and former Fox News contributor who had long denied reports that he surveiled Ailes biographer Gabriel Sherman and others on behalf of the ousted network chief. Last week, Dietl admitted to the Wall Street Journal that he had investigated Andrea Mackris, a former Fox producer who sued Bill O’Reilly for sexual harassment in 2004, and Gretchen Carlson, whose accusations against Ailes prompted his ouster last year, on behalf of the network.

According to one Republican operative in New York, multiple mayoral campaigns are planning to use Dietl’s work and alleged work on behalf of Fox against him. Dietl said that the potential complications for his mayoral campaign prompted him to speak out to clarify his investigative work for Fox. Earlier this month, local Republican leaders decided not to grant Dietl special dispensation that would have allowed him to run on their party’s primary ballot, forcing him to make an independent bid.

In addition to the political liabilities inherent in working to undermine alleged victims of sexual harassment, Dietl’s recent admission to the Journal also opens him up to charges of dissembling. Just days earlier, he had told Politico, “I have never, ever done any work for Roger Ailes.”

This is the first time the left has expanded their war on Fox into the political realm.

Prior to this, the attacks were designed to destroy Fox News’ ratings dominance by driving their key talent off the air.

This pressure tactic worked when both Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly were forced out of the network.

And Fox has seen a slight decline in their ratings.

Rachel Maddow now has the highest rated show on cable.

And MSNBC has beaten Fox in the important 25-54 age demographic.

The left feels emboldened.

So they are training their sights on what they view are the political allies of Fox News.

Bo Dietl is the first.

But the bloodthirsty left won’t have their appetite for destroying Republicans satiated by taking out one Mayoral candidate.