FBI Director James Comey took center stage.

He testified to the House Intelligence Committee about the FBI probe into the alleged Russian meddling of the 2016 election.

And he confirmed major news about Trump and his connections to Russia.

Representative Chris Stewart of Utah questioned Comey regarding statements made by former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Clapper said he saw no evidence of collusion between Trump campaign officials and the Russians.

Stewart asked Director Comey if Clapper was wrong in his assessment.

Comey replied that Clapper’s assessment was correct.

The FBI Director was confirming major news about Trump and Russia.

And the White House quickly tweeted out a video of the exchange.


Stewart tried to refocus the hearing based on facts.

However, the media’s big takeaway was the existence of an FBI probe into Russia’s election related activities, which also included investigating possible links to the Trump campaign.

But Comey did not say they are investigating links.

They are investigating whether links exist.

But as Stewart pointed out – there is no such evidence at this time.

Comey also said they don’t comment on investigations because it might smear people involved.

Yet, the existence of an investigation does not prove the existence of wrongdoing.

The Washington Post reports on the transcript of Comey’s exchange with Representative Stewart:

“I have a list of questions here but I want to divert a little bit and — and follow up on some of things that have been said here today. Mr. Comey, you confirmed that there’s an investigation in the Trump campaign officials. The fact that there is an open investigation does not indicate guilt though, does it?

COMEY: Certainly not.

STEWART: And in fact many times in an investigation may find that there is no wrongdoing.

COMEY: That’s one of the reasons we don’t talk about it, so we don’t smear people who don’t end up charged with anything.”

The media is trying to bury the real news from this hearing.

Which is that the FBI Director testified – under oath –  and agrees with the assessment made that, so far, there is no evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.