Pundits are drooling over former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before Congress.

They believe this is the moment that will sink Donald Trump.

But Comey is hiding something and it’s an awful secret involving Barack Obama.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is also eager to hear from Comey.

Both Republicans and Democrats sent seven questions to Comey they would like him to answer.

Circa reports Comey refused to answer their questions or testify before their committee:

“Former FBI director James Comey is formally refusing to answer questions submitted to him by a bipartisan group of senators, suggesting he no longer must do so as a private citizen.

Comey sent an email from his private account last week rebuffing the seven questions that had been submitted to him by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley and the committee’s ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein after Comey’s final testimony as FBI director to the panel last month. Comey was fired by President Donald Trump shortly after his appearance.

Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., joined in the request in a show that lawmakers in both parties believed the questions were important enough to demand answers.

Comey’s short email specifically cited his status as a private citizen as a reason for declining to answer the questions.

The “private citizen “excuse was considered unusual by the senators since numerous former government officials have testified before Congress in recent weeks.”

Comey’s testimony is centering on if he believed Trump was trying to pressure him to drop the Russia investigation and if he thinks he was fired as a result of not doing so.

The press breathlessly reported that Comey had memos about these conversations.

But the Senators on the Judiciary Committee want to know if he also had similar memos about conversations with Barack Obama or anyone in the Justice Department about the Russia investigation, Trump associates, or the Clinton email inquiry.

Many observers have questioned Comey’s motivations.

Leaks about his memos only appeared after he was fired.

Did he have legitimate concerns about being influenced or is he rewriting history now that he is a bitter ex-employee?

Others also wondered what memos the supposedly obsessive note taker kept about the Clinton investigation or conversations with Obama officials about the Russia investigation.

Is he hiding something?

Why else would he duck the Senate Judiciary Committee’s request?

Comey tried to brand himself as the last honest man in Washington.

And he had much assistance in this campaign from willing allies in the press who were eager to cast him as the perfect foil to Donald Trump.

But the more information comes to light about Comey, the quicker his facade as a straight shooting truth teller melts away and reveals a slick political operator who says what he needs to in order to advance his agenda.


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