race-warNation’s top cops reveal ‘war on cops’ is being waged by White House-backed urban commandos

The heads of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have rocked the D.C. establishment with a shocking claim about the White House.

In separate comments, both the FBI Director James Comey and the DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg blame “the Ferguson effect” for police officers refusing to directly deal with violent crime in urban area.

“The Ferguson effect” refers to violent riots and attacks on police officers after a Ferguson, Missouri police officer shot and killed a criminal attempting to kill the officer.

The White House sided with the rioters, sending official representatives to the criminal’s funeral.

The White House endorsement fueled a nationwide rise of violent attacks, and brutal executions, of police officers.

And now the FBI and DEA are calling them out.

In comments reported by The Hill, FBI Director Comey noted:

“In today’s YouTube world, are officers reluctant to get out of their cars and do the work that controls violent crime?” he asked during a speech at the University of Chicago Law School, according to a transcript of the address.

In one urban precinct, Comey added, police feel like they’re “under siege” because they are surrounded by “young people with mobile phone cameras held high, taunting them the moment they get out of their cars.”

“I do have a strong sense that some part of the explanation is a chill wind blowing through American law enforcement over the last year. And that wind is surely changing behavior.”

In comments to reporters several days later, the DEA’s Rosenberg verified Comey’s claims.

“I think there’s something to” the so-called “Ferguson effect,” said Rosenberg.

“I rely on the chiefs and the sheriffs who are saying that they have seen or heard behavioral changes among the men and women of their forces,” he added. “The manifestation of it may be a reluctance to engage” with suspects.

Obama supporters are taunting and attacking police in hopes of sparking violence they hope to use as extortion to adopt “social justice” measures championed by the White House.

Obama has rewarded the “Black Lives Matter” movement with exclusive access to The White House and have been made a priority in setting his agenda, even after members of the movement began executing police officers in cities like New York.