At a time when Obama has severely weakened the United States’ armed forces and failed to help care for America’s veterans, former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell gave an emotional speech making a case for reversing the course.

Most Americans argue one of the worst and most egregious elements of Obama and his leftist allies is how they treat America’s veterans with disdain and disrespect.

Like how the Obama administration has put veterans on the “Terror Watch List” – a list comprising of American citizens who lose their Constitutional rights at the hands of a bureaucrat without any sort of due process.

Or, how the liberal mainstream media criticizes veterans and attempts to create resentment toward them among the American populace, typically with younger generations.

Fortunately, Marcus Luttrell’s speech during the opening night of the RNC served as a reminder to all Americans of the debt owed to America’s veterans; why a strong military is key to a strong America, and why the people must fight back against the political left’s attacks.

“The only way we survive this is together — not apart.  In order for any life to matter, we all have to matter, you understand?” Luttrell said to a cheering crowd.

Luttrell then called on “the next generation” to take the mantle from his generation, proclaiming that America’s “war is here.”

The former Navy SEAL challenged the American people to “fight for their country” asking, “Who will love something more than you love yourself? Who will step up and take the fight to the enemy?”

“The world outside of our borders is a dark place — a scary place,” Luttrell said.

“America is the light, and her people are the goodness that grows from that.  She’ll always be worth fighting for — it was my greatest honor to fight for her every day of my adult life.”

Luttrell thanked everyone in attendance and the millions of viewers across the country for allowing him to serve in America’s armed forces for 20 years.

“I swear to God I’m going to spend the next 20 paying you back,” he promised.

Amen, Marcus Luttrell.

Of course, the leftist elites will disagree and continue disrespecting America’s veterans and Luttrell, himself, for putting their lives on the line to defend America.

But his speech is an example of true patriotism and great leadership, something which has been missing in the United States for the last eight years.

Watch Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s Speech and tell us what you think: