One thing is clear – the black community is not a fan of Hillary Clinton.

Political experts agree the black vote is a crucial voting block needed to win the presidency, and without their backing, Hillary will almost certainly lose.

In the final days leading up to Election Day, where every vote counts, Hillary’s campaign is desperately scrambling to connect with the black community.

But black leaders aren’t buying her faux attempt at authenticity, and they are calling her out.

In fact, even President Obama admitted in frustration Hillary doesn’t have the support of the black community.

Obama’s fearful because Hillary has not secured the black vote; it all but guarantees a President Trump.

Earlier this year, Obama told the black community it would be a “personal insult to his legacy,” if the black community didn’t get together and back Hillary.

And with just days before the election, Obama is singing the same tune as black leaders still have not rallied behind Hillary.

Hoping to intimidate voters to support Hillary, Obama painted a bleak picture of what a Trump White House would look like.

The Associated Press reports:

“I need everybody to understand that everything we’ve done is dependent on me being able to pass the baton to somebody who believes in the same things I believe in,” Obama told nationally syndicated radio host Tom Joyner in an interview broadcast Wednesday.

 Obama said early voting is up among Hispanics, but not among black voters. The president warned that Trump would obliterate his record, even digging up first lady Michelle Obama’s White House vegetable garden. “You think I’m joking?” Obama asked.

Obama continued with his scare tactics while speaking to a crowd in North Carolina, reminding them that Republicans have attempted to suppress the black vote for years.

But Trump hasn’t taken winning the black vote for granted.

He’s spent time on the campaign trail reaching out to black leaders, and sympathizing with how the Obama Administration’s failed policies have led to poverty.

Trump promised to make reforms that would help the black community instead of continuing the welfare state.

In contrast, Hillary’s attempt to ride Obama’s coat-tails is targeting campaign ads to the black community in an attempt to show she’s “fighting for them.”

The Associated Press continues:

“Clinton, meanwhile, warmly embraces Obama’s sentiments. I want to build on the legacy that President Obama has given us,” she told radio host LeRoy Jones, another nationally syndicated black media personality, earlier this week.

 Her campaign is broadcasting an ad on black-audience radio stations hailing the former secretary of state as “fighting for us,” in contrast to Trump “demeaning our community.”

 However, as Trump has pointed out several times on the campaign trail, Hillary’s all talk without action.

 And while Hillary attempts to smear Trump as “demeaning the black community,” black leaders are rising up to show their support of Donald Trump.

Early in the campaign, blacks had spoken out in favor of Trump.

As Conservative Revival, previously reported, Pastor Mark Burns acknowledged Trump wasn’t the typical Republican.

Pastor Burns criticized the Democrats and the Obama Administration’s failure to reach the black community. He accused them of creating a welfare state which promotes poverty instead of solutions.

At the Republican National Convention, Burns spoke to a room of fired-up Republicans and said:

Listen, Republicans, it is so important Republicans, that we come together to defeat Hillary Clinton and those race-baiting Democrats.”

Do you think Hillary will win the black vote on Election Day? Or do you think Donald Trump’s policies to fix the failing economy are enough to swing black voters his way?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.