Hillary Clinton has cited her loss to many reasons, ranging from a rigged Electoral College system, to foreign government interference, to racist voters.

While leftist liberals have been a constant nuisance throughout the election due to their political rantings and protests, even the Democratic Party is becoming tired of her excuses.

She also largely blames the failures of the Democratic Party as a whole, rather than her own failings.

Recently, Obama even condemned her campaign as one that ignored much of Middle America.

Her husband, Bill Clinton, took to blaming FBI Director James Comey, but was countered with a response from Democratic supporters via numerous media organizations claiming there would have been significant impacts in polling if his letter had actually interfered with the election.

Fox News reported:

If Clinton were right, polling would show a material, persistent drop in support for her after the FBI Director released his letter to Congress. However, that polling data doesn’t exist. In reliably Democratic Michigan, Clinton’s support remained the same. Wisconsin voters didn’t flinch either. (Some have suggested a possible, modest impact but with low confidence in whether it was true.)

Many other Democratic writers and public speakers have taken to social media to defend the claims made by Clinton that all Trump voters are inherently racist; ignoring the fact that President Obama won those same votes for two terms.

Bryan Dean Wright of Fox News is one inherently leftist writer who is taking a stand against Clinton and her outrageous claims about her loss.

Fox News reported:

Some supporters continue to advocate Clinton’s breathtakingly offensive statement that at least half of Trump supporters were “deplorables” – racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, Islamophobes. According to their logic, Clinton and her voters simply couldn’t overcome the Wave of Hate.

Oddly enough, Obama managed to win these voters.  Twice.”

Clinton also largely blamed social media and biased media sources for portraying her as the corrupt individual she truly is. Her comments about Donald Trump supporters being “deplorable” was a nail in her coffin, at best.

Fox News reported:

This excuse is as ugly as it is wrong. Clinton had no evidence to back up her deplorable claim, which is why she rightfully apologized hours after saying it. Or maybe she realized that she had deplorable supporters of her own:  there’s good social science on the implicit biases that we all have. Yes, Democrats can be racists too.

The bottom line is this: my party lost because the American people wanted change, and Clinton was too flawed and too untrustworthy to own that mantle. The voters who previously elected Obama decided they’d rather stay home or vote for Trump than pull the lever for Hillary.

What are your thoughts?

Do you believe Clinton is right in blaming her loss on anything but her corrupt political tactics?

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