Elizabeth Warren is trying to position herself as the left’s hero before she runs for President.

And that means being the champion of illegal aliens.

But her move to back one protest looks like it could be the biggest mistake of her life.

Warren gladly lined up behind the “Day Without Immigrants” protest.

She was so proud of her position that she tweeted out a photo of her solidarity with the pro-illegal alien uprising.

But she looked foolish barely one month later when the horror of the Rockville rape occurred.

Two illegal aliens raped a 14-year-old girl in the bathroom of her high school in Rockville, Maryland.

The two suspects – Jose Montano and Henry Sanchez Milian – were detained at the border in August, 2016 and set free under Obama’s “catch and release” program.

They were sent to live with their relatives in Maryland.

The illegal aliens were 18 and 17 years old, but somehow enrolled as freshmen in the Rockville High School.

Milian was under a deportation order that he was ignoring.

Warren’s decision to stand in unity with illegal aliens was ridiculous at the time.

And now it proves she puts the interests of illegal aliens who sneak into the country with the intent to do harm ahead of American citizens.

The Democrats’ allies in the media quickly acted to cover up the Rockville rape in order to shield the Democrats from the political fallout.

The network newscasts devoted zero minutes of coverage to the horror.

Democrats have thrown in their lot with illegal aliens.

It’s amnesty or bust for them.

Elizabeth Warren is trying to position herself as the champion for illegal aliens.

But because of the Rockville rape, her move just blew up in her face.