A key to President-elect Donald Trump’s victory was his pledge to fight to keep American jobs from leaving to foreign countries.

And Carrier Air Conditioning’s promise to move over 1,000 manufacturing jobs from Indiana to Mexico was an early test of Trumps ability to deliver on his pledge.

The final resolution saw the President-elect score a victory that left his supporters pleased.

Carrier Air Conditioning announced last spring they were moving their production from Indianapolis to Mexico.

And cost 1,400 Americans their jobs.

Trump made this scene – and others like it – a key talking point on his stump speech.

He threatened that any company who moved jobs to Mexico would receive tariffs on their goods if they wanted to sell them in America.

That struck a chord.

American workers hadn’t heard a politician promise to fight for them in over a generation.

And Trump won Rust Belt states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

But could the President-elect deliver?

On Thanksgiving he posted an update on Twitter:

After the holiday, Trump announced Carrier had agreed to keep 1,000 jobs in America.

Will the President-elect be able to deliver on promises to keep coal and steel industry jobs in America?

That will be another key test of his Presidency.