Since the end of the campaign, many Americans have been wondering if Donald Trump will follow through on his pledge to appoint a special prosecutor to continue the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Liberals and their mouthpieces in the media howled in protest.

But President-elect Trump’s announcement that he has nominated Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be his Attorney General could be a clue as to if Hillary will face charges.

Senator Jeff Sessions was outraged over the FBI’s investigation into Clinton, claiming he had lost confidence in the Bureau.

Breitbart reports on an interview by Boston radio host, Howie Carr, with then-Senator Jeff Sessions during the campaign:

“I love the FBI,” he said.

But, now after witnessing the extraordinary handling of evidence, witnesses involved in the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email scheme and her handling of classified electronic correspondence, he is forced to reassess, he said.

Clinton is the Democratic nominee for president and Comey announced July 5 that he was recommending to the Department of Justice that she not be prosecuted in regard to the scandal.

“This is scary to me,” Sessions tells Carr. “I tried not to be critical of Comey at first.”

Sessions said the more he learns about Comey and the FBI’s operating outside of the bureau’s regular practices, the more concerned he becomes.”

What concerned Sessions was the FBI allowed Clinton’s Chief-of-Staff Cheryl Mills to be treated as Clinton’s lawyer and sit in on interviews.

Mills was also granted immunity, and the FBI agreed to destroy a laptop she turned over.

Sessions’ criticisms of the FBI’s investigation take on new weight with his nomination to be Attorney General.

He could recommend a special prosecutor so a legitimate investigation would be conducted into Hillary’s illegal email server.

Breitbart reports that Sessions was infuriated Mills and Clinton had destroyed emails that were under subpoena – which would be a crime in normal circumstances:

“I really don’t see how Congress can issue a subpoena for records and they then destroy those records,” he said.

“I am telling you that every business knows that if they get a subpoena for business records, and they destroy those records, they are subject to criminal prosecution and will be prosecuted,” Sessions said. “That’s a high prosecution case.”

During the campaign, Trump crowds chanted “Lock her up!” as Trump pledged to continue the investigation into Clinton.

But in his first post-election interview with 60 Minutes, Trump was noncommittal on his campaign promise.

CBS reports:

“President-elect Donald Trump stunned the political world at one of last month’s presidential debates when he said he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton and her private email server.

Now, just days after being elected the 45th president, Trump told CBS News’ Lesley Stahl he has not decided whether to follow through on that particular statement.

 “I’m going to think about it,” he said in the “60 Minutes” interview, his first sit-down interview since Election Day. “Um, I feel that I want to focus on jobs, I want to focus on healthcare, I want to focus on the border and immigration and doing a really great immigration bill. We want to have a great immigration bill. And I want to focus on — all of these other things that we’ve been talking about.”

President-elect Trump’s decision could be a clue as to how he plans to proceed.

Nominating a critic of the FBI’s investigation may mean the Trump administration will also appoint a special prosecutor to re-examine the case.