Even with President Trump running America, Obama’s old government bureaucrats are determined to undermine Trump at every turn.

Teaming up with the media and continuing to push “fake news”, liberals hope to crush Trump’s agenda and stop his policies.

Earlier this month, when liberal judges used a leaked Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document as evidence to rule against Trump’s travel ban, it turns out the document they used was flawed in a major way.

In fact, as it turns out, the leaked DHS document – allegedly composed by “analysts” – is only a “draft” with major pieces of information “missing”.

And while Associated Press ran with the story, and stated the leaked DHS document had been composed by “analysts”, DHS has been finally forced to admit none of it was true.

Breitbart reports:

 “But DHS spokesperson Gillan Christensen told both AP and Breitbart News the leaked document was in no way a final approved DHS work product.

“While DHS was asked to draft a comprehensive report on this issue, the document you’re referencing was commentary from a single intelligence source versus an official, robust document with thorough interagency sourcing . . . The report does not include data from other intelligence community sources. It is incomplete,” Homeland Security spokesperson Gillian Christensen told Salama and Caldwell.

Significant in Christensen’s comment was her use of the term “a single intelligence source” to describe the author of the leaked document.

In their February 24 AP story, Salama and Caldwell used the plural “analysts” to describe the authorship of the leaked document.

“The [leaked draft] report was incomplete and had not been subject to the extensive interagency review process required of finished intelligence products,” Christensen told Breitbart News on February 26.”

Even more troubling, the leaked document conflicted with previous Senate reports which legitimize the seven countries Trump selected to restrict travel.

The leaked DHS memo had stated the seven counties in Trump’s travel ban “didn’t pose a terror threat to the United States”, but this is strikingly different than previous reported information.

Breitbart continues:

“The data included in the leaked draft document “is dramatically different than the data reported in another list of terrorists compiled by former Senator, now Attorney General, Jeff Sessions,” Breitbart News reported last month.

According to a document published by the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, “DOJ Public/Unsealed Terrorism and Terrorism-Related Convictions 9/11/01-12/31/14,” 74 people from the seven countries identified in the temporary travel ban in Executive Order 13679–Iran (3), Iraq (19), Libya (1), Somalia (21), Syria (7), Sudan (3), and Yemen (20)–were arrested and convicted of terrorist acts between 2001 and 2014.”

It turns out, Trump was right again.

Judge Watson shot down Trump’s travel ban by citing the DHS report,

“The February 24, 2017 draft report states that citizenship is an ‘unlikely indicator’ of terrorism threats against the United States and that very few individuals from the seven countries included in Executive Order No. 13,769 had carried out or attempted to carry out terrorism activities in the United States.”

Liberal judges had cherry-picked the “evidence” they decided to use to strike down Trump’s travel ban, but as it turns out, their main “truth source” was a flawed, single-authored leaked draft, with no credibility.

Do you think the leaked DHS memo is a valid piece of evidence to restrict Trump’s travel ban? Who do you think is the real culprit behind the leaked DHS memo?

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