Democrats were convinced Donald Trump would fail.

Citing his disapproval numbers during the campaign, some on the left were convinced his victory was just a temporary setback.

But new polls show Trump’s approval surging and the American people backing his fight to keep jobs in America.

The latest Bloomberg poll showed Trump’s approval rating shooting up 17 points to 50 percent.

Trump’s approval rating during the campaign was held down to due to an overwhelmingly negative news media intent on rigging the election for Hillary Clinton.

A Harvard Study found 77 percent of Trump’s general election news coverage was negative.

Without the biased press unending barrage of negative stories, Trump’s approval is starting to rise.

In even worse news for Democrats, 69 percent of Americans believe it goes too far for Donald Trump to sell his businesses to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Democrats had planned on making so-called “conflicts of interest” their key opposition to the Trump administration.

CNN reports:

Representative Gregory Meeks of New York, who sits on the House Financial Services Committee, told CNNMoney that Democrats can demand federal agencies launch their own investigations.

Inspectors general have the power to audit and investigate their agencies, and they answer not just to their agencies but to Congress.

“They still have to give us a reply as to what they are or not doing,” Meeks said.

Representative Maxine Waters of California is calling on the inspectors general of eight agencies, including the Treasury and Justice Departments, to “root out any potential conflicts of interest.

However, the Bloomberg poll suggests the American people are willing to give the President-elect latitude to decide how he wishes to set up his business arrangements.

New reports indicate his adult sons – Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump – will take over control of the family business.

The Hill reports:

“The president-elect plans to formally hand his two adult sons, Eric and Donald Jr., the operational responsibilities of his massive real estate company. But he is resisting calls to divest.

 Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, would also leave the Trump Organization, the Times reported based on a plan now being considered by the Trump family and its lawyers.

Ivanka Trump is first looking into how to separate herself from her apparel and licensing brands and has plans to appoint a president of her company to take on the day-to-day operations.

The Trumps are reportedly talking about a “legal structure” so that both the president-elect and Ivanka Trump could separate from their companies.”

And in more bad news for Democrats, the President-elect’s deal with Carrier – to keep more than 1,000 jobs in Indiana instead of moving them to Mexico – proved “wildly popular.”

A Politico/Morning Consult Poll found the deal has led to 60 percent of respondents having a more favorable view of the President-elect.

So far, the President-elect has kept the Democrats off balance with a series of strong cabinet picks and fights with major corporations who were either trying to rip off the taxpayers or ship jobs overseas.

And it’s led to a surge in his favorable ratings, as well as the American people’s willingness to give him the benefit of the doubt on how he separates himself from his business.