Ryan Owens was a Navy SEAL killed in action during a raid in Yemen.

His wife, Carryn Owens, was acknowledged by Donald Trump during his address to Congress last night and received a two-minute standing ovation.

But not everyone honored her and her husband.

In fact, two Democrats’ disgusting display is now a major topic of conversation.

The Democrats response to Trump was a major media theme in the run up to his speech.

Their base was demanding all-out resistance.

During these addresses, it is common for members of both parties to give the President a standing ovation on noncontroversial matters.

But not at this speech.

Former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and current Deputy National Party Chair Keith Ellison were seated next to each other.

And it’s being reported that they repeatedly asked one another whether they should stand in applause.

On some occasions, they did give applause during Trump’s speech.

But when Carryn Owens stood and received a two minute ovation, Ellison and Wasserman Schultz remained firmly in their seats.

It was a stunning display of disrespect towards the widow of a fallen hero.

And their behavior highlights a major problem the Democrats have.

Their hatred of Trump continues to alienate them from Middle America.

Trump’s recognition of Owens’ widow was the most memorable moment of the night.

Democrats like to believe they are taking down Trump by not granting him the simple courtesies they have given past Presidents.

But their strategy is shortsighted.

And it’s coming back to bite them in a big way.

Wasserman-Schultz and Ellison only embarrassed themselves – and their party – when they refused to stand up and honor the wife of a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country.